PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. — Chris Palombi has had many different careers and experiences. He’s currently a Webmaster and the Head Coach of the Girl’s Ice Hockey team at St. Mary’s Ryken High School. He’s also a former U.S. Capitol Police Officer.

Now, for the second time, the 38-year-old Republican is looking to add Congressman to his resume.

“Like many constituents in our district, I’m tired of the partisan gridlock that has escalated over the past 40 years in Washington DC – especially with the leadership of both parties,” Palombi told “I witnessed the dysfunction of Washington during my tenure as a U.S. Capitol Police Officer. The divisive politics in our nation’s capital has led to the lack of preservation of individual rights and freedoms for all citizens, as well as reckless spending of taxpayers’ money. For too long, the constituents have been ignored and taken for granted and it is time for a change. We need fresh and invigorating representation not hampered by special interests and national political aspirations. This is why I am running for Congress. It would be an honor to serve and represent the people of Maryland’s 5th Congressional District.”

Palombi believes inflation, national debt, infringements of constitutional rights and liberties, and partisanship are the most critical issues Americans face today.

“Inflation is still at 40+ year record highs and costing the average family an extra $5,200 this year just to maintain the same lifestyle as the year prior,” Palombi said. “Grocery prices and common goods have been surging far faster than any wage gains made. This is unsustainable, especially for those in the lower-middle class and fixed incomes who are being hit the hardest. My opponent claims the “Inflation Reduction Act” he passed will address inflation and lower costs for working families. It won’t. The UPenn Wharton, the Joint Committee on Taxation, and now the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the “Inflation Reduction Act” reveals it will not help with inflation and will raise taxes for more Americans.” 

“The national debt, infringements of our constitutional rights and liberties, and partisanship are troubling issues we need to face as well,” he continued. “Partisanship inhibits the ability of Congress to work on reducing the national debt and enforcing laws to ensure our unalienable rights and liberties.”

If elected, Palombi says he would like to gain better control of the national debt and single-issue bills, hold the government more accountable, eliminate insider trading, and fix the “pandemic of bureaucracy”.

“For too long Congress has ceded power of legislating and passed vague laws that give way too broad authority to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats,” Palombi explained. “Good governance is having our elected representatives in Congress take control of legislating policies as well as better control the purse of our nation. I would support bills like the REINS Act which would provide better accountability of bureaucratic rules by reasserting Congressional legislative obligations by requiring a vote on any rule change that results in an economic impact of $100 million or more.”

Palombi is very proud of his time as a Capitol Police Officer and the impact that he’s been able to make in his community. In 2018, Palombi formed the first all-girls ice hockey team in Southern Maryland and became an AP Computer Science teacher, where he mentored many of our youth. But overall, Palombi believes his greatest accomplishment is the family he built while living in Southern Maryland.

“You will never know unless you try,” is the motto Palombi has lived by his whole life.

“Growing up with a single mother and three sisters on welfare and food stamps, my mother taught us through her perseverance and determination instilled in her work ethic how to deal with adversity, and bounce back in troubling times,” Palombi said. “Hockey has always been a passion of mine. Having a childhood dream to play professional hockey coming from Maryland is rare. Playing competitively, especially walking on at Michigan State University, was a challenge. I took that challenge and dedicated myself to preparing and trying the best I could. I didn’t land my childhood dream of playing in the NHL but discovering what we are capable of, regardless if we succeed or fail, is part of the process of learning, growing, and becoming stronger.” 

Now that I’m older, nothing beats helping others in our communities toward their goals to be successful and discover their pursuit of happiness,” he stated. “That is the American Dream.”

Palombi also wants to remind people that he is not a career politician. He is not funded by PAC donors and has no corporate or lobbyist obligations.

“I am unbought, and if elected, I will truly serve the constituents of the district,” Palombi said.

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  1. Sounds like a reasonable, non-extremist republican candidate. Exactly what we need more of representing Maryland, not the same old do nothing career politicians or far right or left wingers that only serve to divide and alienate their constituents.

  2. Sounds like a reasonable, non-extremist republican candidate. Exactly what we need more of representing Maryland, not the same old do nothing career politicians or far right or left wingers that only serve to divide and alienate their constituents.

  3. He’s not a democrat. That’s good enough for me I would vote for a dog if it’s not a democrat. And since you don’t like him that’s even better

    1. That’s really no answer. There are lots of people who are “reasonable” and posses common sense…that does not make one qualified to sit in the US House of Representatives. So do we need to keep political elite like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham?

  4. I would be happy to explain to you his qualifications. He’s over the age of 30, been a US citizen for at least 9 years, and he resides in the state he seeks to represent. Now of course you already knew that but still you attempt to question his qualifications by depreciating his current endeavor and past achievements- that is to say, his resume. “He has zero knowledge base”…? A large part of the problem facing this country is an elitist mindset that the few who govern the many do so because we need their intellect and acuity – to do things we the people are incapable of. The fact that he’s a coach, webmaster, and an “oh so long ago”police officer not only enhance the requisite qualifications but suggest commonality with those he’ll represent. Also,he states himself that he’s unbought, not funded by a PAC, and has no lobbyist obligations. That alone should make him a candidate worthy of consideration. And, as for it being time for Hoyer to retire, that was decades ago.

    1. The qualities you describe make him a viable candidate for county office or maybe State Delegate, not Congress. It should not take much to understand why he is “unbought, not funded by a PAC, and has no lobbyist obligations.” It is because he has a zero chance of victory.

      1. Please explain what makes a candidate viable for Congress as opposed to local/state office for you as the regulations aren’t sufficient enough for you.

        Steny has been a career politician for the past 56 years. What else does he have in common with the average constituent in his district? At least this Palombi guy has a wide array of experiences, and much more in common with the people.

        You make it sound like candidates for Congress should be required to climb the ladder at local/state before federal… basically becoming a career politician. People are tired of cookie-cutter politicians.

  5. Seems like Congress intended the common man to represent the people would be the perfect choice for the job. See the link.

    Article I, Section 2, Clause 2:

    “No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.“

    1. That is an incredibly naive viewpoint. Age, tenure of citizenship and state residency are the MINIMUM requirements as established in 1788. This isn’t 1788. We aren’t hiring someone to push a meal combo through the drive through window.

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