“Lost and Found Money and Unclaimed Property” Did I hear the radio correctly the other day when they advertised that Lost and Found Money and Unclaimed property that might belong to you will just be distributed to you immediatley. You know the one where if your name is on the list that they will issue you a check if your name is on this list. Well to say the least I was a bit flabbergasted to hear that radio broadcast about the release of the money just because someone’s name is on the list. Let me explain to you my horror story and what I have been through to get money for my father (which his name is on the list) for almost a year and a half now. My grand mother past away almost a year and a half ago. In her personal belongings I found some old insurance papers. They were old insurance policy’s on my father that were paid in full by his parents. Well 1 policy out of the 5 that we found was still in tact. That was the simple task, my dad decided to cash it out since he only had 3 years left. And at the end of the 3 years the policy would have been worth 0 dollars. Well on to our next road of the journey. The insurance company told us that my grandfather had purchased share’s with Met-Life. Well my grandfather past away back in 1987 leaving the share’s to my grandmother. Well she had no idea that he purchased these share’s and then she past away not know that these existed. My grandparents moved often so off to Kansas they went in 1988. My grandfather oblivious to the fact that he had purchased these share’s, he never contacted the insurance company that he moved to Kansas. Well if the Insurance Company cannot reach you about your purchase of said shares the share’s are sold at the closing price of that particular day and the money just sit’s in an account at the Maryland Comptroller Treasurys Office. And boy let me tell you how incompetent they are. Here is where it starts to get interesting. I contacted The Maryland Comptroller Treasury and explained to them who I was and that I was helping my father claim his unclaimed property. I explained to them that my dad was very hard of hearing and that is why he asked me to help him. They sent the application and I filled it out for my dad. I provided them with all the proof necessary to prove that my father was who he said he was. A birth Certificate (proof of my fathers relationship to his father), my grandfathers death certificate (showing when he past away), my grandmother’s death certificate (showing that my dad was the only living child and only living heir left) my dad’s SSN (for tax purposes), a letter from the Insurance company showing that the share’s have been transferred into my father’s name. I waited to hear back from the MD Comptroller’s Office. Well a month had past by and I heard nothing. So I called to inquire about the application. Well there seemed to be a snag in the process (imagine that). Bernadette Brown tells me that I need to get a Letter of Administration from Kansas. I asked her what that was and she could not explain it to me but simply told me that I needed it. I said to her “are you suggesting that I fly to Kansas just for this Letter of Administration?” I told her that I provided everything she asked for “why do I need to go to Kansas?” Oh and lets not forget, she also told me that I needed to open a bank account with my grandfather and my dads name on the account. So that is when or if a check was issued, my dad can cash it. I asked her “how would you propose my dad open a bank account with his dead father?” UGGGG!! I finally decided to call Kansas. Well it was easy enough to find help considering my grandmother was the Mayor of Newton Kansas. My grandmother was very well known and liked in the state of Kansas, so finding help was easy. I was directed to an attorney by the name of Bob Myers. I explained to him who I was and what I was trying to do for my father. Mind you the amount of money I