Voters in all the larger Maryland counties voted heavily for Martin O’Malley because he was a democrat.  Now the chickens are coming home to roost, in the form of excessive increases in taxes.

Will the citizens sit back and let this happen? Can’t they see the failures of past laws like those aimed at cleaning up the bay, and other environment crusades like global warming.  The human race does not know how to cure common colds, cancer, social behavior; etc.  Now some “BRIGHT LIGHTS” think they have the secrets of the universe.  These groups have no solutions, so they create a perceived scare tactic in order to get your tax money. When I was young, there were traveling salesmen selling elixir, tonics to cure consumption or a shot of iron tonic to create sexual dynamite, all to get your dollars. Beware of the politician (local, state and national), acting as a snake oil salesman, who suddenly shows up in the neighborhood saying that they come to make your life better, while picking your pocket.  Cast them out.

We are taxed heavily (Thornton) to support a failing education system that can not deliver students with superior talents.  It is not the fault of the teachers. Political correctness restricts the teachers at every turn.  America hasn’t been blessed with gifted scientists like Albert Einstein, Werner VonBraun, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and others in many years.

Henry Ford rejected ethanol as a practical motor fuel; so, we should not support that program with our tax dollars.

My dad owned and operated a store in Tall Timbers. He had slot machines in the bar. The odds of winning were small.  The state should not allow slot machines or the lottery.  These devices keep the poor people in poverty.  It is cruel to entice people to play, suggesting they will become rich, when they do not have a chance of winning. This blight is the same as a tax on the poor.

Speaking of chances, would you like to have your tax dollars used to support a woman determined to play professional football or engage our enemies in mortal combat?   One of many reasons that we elect a STRONG MALE as President of the United States. 

The riches go to the strong, the spoils go to the weak. Are you strong or weak? We reject our heritage when we are weak.

God Bless America.

Call, write, or e-mail your local and national politician and tell them whether you support or reject tax increases.  If enough people reject taxes, then the politicians must also vote no taxes.  To go against citizen wishes calls for a recall of that politician regardless of whether they are democrat, republican.