I am one of the many VIP ticket holders. I cannot believe Ridge businesses are passing up this opportunity and possible revenue for this big Event. How is it that our local government give him the go ahead and then yank it away because few crybaby’s that live by the bar come up with bogus bull to stop a major event like this.

Sounds to me like a repeat of Solomon’s Island all over again!

And the American Legion could have made some major money as well. I am shocked that are will to walk away from a major contribution.

Well, well, well, The County’s true colors are coming out now. If you’re not from here, don’t live here, we don’t want you. The Colton’s Point Jazz Festival, the Goddard’s Festival, and even the Calvert Marine Museum Concert shall be jeopardized now, with the idiosyncrasies of the Good Ole boys of the County Commission.

They can say what ever they want but now I see no way for them to come out clean. The old Southridge has failed over and over because they don’t like outsiders, just ask the last three owners.

Now let Mr. Raley and Co. own it, turn it into a hick bar for the local hicks and bingo, you got a money maker, of course it helps when you can issue yourself your own permits.

This is going to affect the County growth far more than the local hicks realize and they don’t even know it. Look around, houses are starting to foreclose, local Gov Contractors are looking for other duties elsewhere, including yours truly.

The site were I presently work has lost over 30% of its work force because their tired of it. I fought with the USMC and the USAF, and still serve my country to this day, but what I’m seeing here is exactly what I fought against.

I shall blog this across the entire country, because I want people to know just what is here in this county.

Oh by the way tell Molly Hatchet, that Gator country, Reunion, and the rest of their songs contain foul language, I bet you’ll have a law suit on your hands.

It’s time for local business’s to take another look at your local Gov. Is this what you want?