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Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 11:13 AM
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It is my understanding that you are considering a site on Historic Durham Church Road in Nanjemoy (225 acres) for a workforce housing project. It is also my understanding that you will consider this issue this afternoon.

I cannot comprehend why the public is not given notice and a chance to provide input into these decisions. It is not sufficient to place something of this importance on an agenda on the website, and then proceed.

This is an exceedingly bad idea. There could be no less well placed situs for a major workforce housing than Nanjemoy, and further none worse in Nanjemoy than Durham Church Road. 

Firstly,  the site is near nothing. The nearest stores are La Plata and so is the nearest gasoline.  This is more than 10 miles away. The only public transportation is VANGO, which will be completely inadequate for development of this size, and generally does not lend itself well to people on a work schedule anyway.

The site is very near to one of the already impaired testing locations for the Nanjemoy Creek.  Stripping the forest cover from 225 acres in this sensitive area will do great damage to the Nanjemoy Creek.  In addition, it is presumed that there would be a neighborhood sewage treatment plant which would have to dump its effluent into this portion of the Nanjemoy Creek.  Certainly, it is very unlikely that the ground will perk.  And perhaps animals on the site as well, owing to its close proximity to the Nanjemoy Creek.

In addition to its historic nature, there are Church Road is one of the most winding and narrow in the county. The current residents on this road already have severe problems exiting their driveways and pulling onto the road due to heavy traffic. I’m not certain of the location of this property, but I believe that it is at the hairpin turn on Durham Church Road.

Please make no rash decisions about the disposition of this property.  To develop it for workforce housing would go against all previous planning for this area.  The Nanjemoy area is intended to be protected. The Nanjemoy vision plan which was presented to the commissioners several years ago was a very comprehensive study of the area.  This development would be a major setback to the Nanjemoy vision plan.

Specifically, I request that you hold public hearings in Nanjemoy to discuss any disposition of this property before you take action.  It is the least that your constituents can ask.

Thank you for your consideration of these matters.

Kurt W. Wolfgang


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