On Friday, September 16, 2011, at approximately 11:45 am, there was a report of an auto accident at Route 4 South and Walnut Creek Road. The Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad (Co. 6) responded to the call and found a single vehicle that had rolled over at least once with a female driver inside. The driver had lost consciousness for a short period of time and had some head injuries because of the accident. Chief 6B (Morris) was the officer in command of this call.  He requested that transport by helicopter be done because of the injuries. The Squad from Huntingtown (Co. 6) handled the accident scene and the Engine 62 handled the landing site and Ambulance 6 took care of the driver along with the Calvert Paramedic unit.

Trooper 7 arrived at the scene and transported the driver to hospital for additional treatment.

Reason for the accident is unknown at this time and police are following up on this.