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Credit: Rushern Baker III (via Facebook)

BALTIMORE — In a surprising turn of events, Rushern L. Baker III recently opted to suspend his campaign for Maryland Governor, due mainly to a lack of funding and shrinking poll numbers. 

He is the first candidate in the ten-man field to step out of the race.

Baker was one of the most well-known names in the Democratic Primary, having come in second place in 2018. He began his 2022 campaign 14 months ago, quickly becoming one of the top candidates in the race alongside Comptroller Peter V.R. Franchot, author Wes Moore, and former DNC Chair Tom Perez.

Unfortunately, recent polling found him sinking to the bottom quickly, leading Baker to suspend his campaign.

Baker was known for making public safety the top priority of his platform. He claimed that his first action as governor would be to declare a state of emergency in Baltimore to address rising crime rates, he also criticized leaders like Governor Larry Hogan[R] and Mayor Brandon Scott[D] for having a “lackadaisical” response to the issue at hand.

Baker has stated that his campaign will wait a week and see if anything dramatically changes before deciding whether or not to drop out completely.

“I think it’s the right decision to realistically look at our chances of winning without the financial resources.”

Baker stated, “I want to see a Democrat win,” and that he will continue to be on the campaign trail even if he drops out, most likely alongside a rival in the primary.

“We’ll sit back and analyze what makes sense. But I can’t see a scenario where I don’t endorse. People want to know what you think.”

With Baker currently out, nine candidates remain in the Democratic Primary. The remaining candidates include Peter Franchot, Wes Moore, Tom Perez, John King, Doug Gansler, Ashwani Jain, Jon Baron, Jerome Segal, and Ralph Jaffe.

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