Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron
Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron

CHEYENNE, Wy. – The Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) is pleased to announce that Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron has been selected as its new Colonel.

Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron, Sheriff of St. Mary’s County, Maryland, has been selected as the next Colonel and Administrator of the Wyoming Highway Patrol, effective early January 2023.

Cameron’s appointment was announced today by WYDOT Director Luke Reiner. Cameron brings over 40 years of policing experience to the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

“Cameron’s commitment to training and education are attributes that will help him succeed in his service to Wyoming,” said Luke Reiner, Director of WYDOT. “He has the demonstrated skillset, experience, and character to lead the best highway patrol organization in the nation.”

Cameron is a proven leader who brings a wealth of experience, certifications, and knowledge to his new post as Wyoming Highway Patrol Colonel. Cameron served an unprecedented four terms as the Sheriff of St. Mary’s County, Maryland, which officially ends this December.

He earned an undergraduate degree at Johns Hopkins University and a postgraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. In addition to his degrees, Cameron is a graduate of the National Sheriff’s Institute, the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development course, the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commissions Leadership Challenge, the Executive Leaders Program at Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security in California, and the Police Executive Research Forum’s Senior Management in Policing Course at Boston University.

Cameron is also a member of various stakeholder groups and associations, working on crucial issues and committees like the Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force and the Emergency Management Advisory Council, among others.

“I am honored to have been selected as the Colonel of the Wyoming Highway Patrol and am eager to assume the Administrator’s duties,” said Cameron. “My appreciation to Governor Gordon, Director Reiner, and all those involved in the selection process for the opportunity to live and work in Wyoming and be part of such an exemplary, storied agency.”

The selection of Cameron as the new WHP Colonel was an extensive process over the last seven months that involved key stakeholders, including the Wyoming Governor, the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, the Transportation Commission, Wyoming Department of Transportation senior leadership, the Wyoming Highway Patrol Association and insight from prior and currently serving Wyoming Troopers.

“The men and women of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office wholeheartedly thank Sheriff Cameron for his 16 years of service as Sheriff of St. Mary’s County, the only person to hold the post for four consecutive terms, starting in the 2006 election. Sheriff Cameron joined the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office in 1980 as a deputy, providing more than 42 years of service to the community.” St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office said.

“We wish him well on the next chapter of his career.”

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  1. can wyoming access this? yes. Is this an april fools joke? doesn’t look like it. He probably went over to Wyoming sometime this past year. We can keep making comments about him until we’re ready for him to leave. Who drove him away? Who drove him so far away that he had to move?

  2. what this means is that we should regularly receive stories from WY. &that this is just the 1st 1.

    I wonder if either of them are members of CSPOA?

  3. He will do an outstanding job for their State. His qualifications, leadership and personality will fit perfectly. Our County and the State of Maryland for that matter will miss him. I do hope he has some snow shoes. They are a little colder than we are during the winter.

  4. Thank you Sheriff Cameron for the 42 years of service and up-holding the laws of the State of Maryland. Your leadership and direction of the Sheriffs Department was shown and implemented on a daily basis by the men and woman who serve as our Deputy Sheriffs. Myself and members of my family have interacted with Deputies several times over the years when we were on both sides of the law, right and wrong. In every instance they carried themselves with professionalism, integrity, and respect in carrying out their duties. I think your leadership and standards have and continue to insure these attributes in each and everyone of the Deputies that serve St. Marys County. Congratulations and may God keep you and your Personal safe in your new job in Wyoming.
    John Pankake & Family

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