District 4 Station
Sheriff Tim Cameron 

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – Some critics have made statements that crime is out of control in St. Mary’s County or that the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office is not doing enough to combat it.

Sheriff Tim Cameron, who is finishing his fourth consecutive term this year, said such political statements are opportunistic and inaccurate. With more than 40 years of public service to St. Mary’s County, Sheriff Cameron is not running again for local office this fall.

The sworn men and women of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office conduct proactive policing each and every day, gathering intelligence, evaluating data, making arrests and closing cases.

“We fight crime and the fear of crime,” Sheriff Cameron said. “I understand the fear of crime, which is just as important as the data.” Some critics are “playing on fear for political gain,” he said.

In 2022, the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office has investigated three murders and has made arrests in each case. There have been several other shooting incidents in the Lexington Park area, all of which are being actively investigated by the Criminal Investigations Division, with several arrests made.

The recent shooting incidents have not been random attacks on the citizenry, but rather between neighborhood factions in the Lexington Park area, Sheriff Cameron said.

In 2021, Sheriff Cameron initiated the Youth Gun Violence Task Force, which comprised of state, federal and local law enforcement partners across the spectrum. In its three months of operation, the task force quelled the rash of gun violence in the Lexington Park area. Through its work, search warrants were served on seven vehicles, 22 people, 56 phones and 19 homes, resulting in 65 arrests and 19 guns seized. As a result of the task force’s work, numerous violent felons were apprehended, who terrorized the citizens of St. Mary’s County.

The proactive enforcements efforts continue this year. “Every day, we’re after these people,” Sheriff Cameron said. Sheriff’s deputies are making traffic stops and making gun arrests. “We are doing our job. We are identifying these people,” the Sheriff said. “Everything we do is proactive.”

Community trust is “hard won and easily lost and we never take it for granted. We’re always looking for better ways to serve the public,” he said.

District 4 Station

As of Tuesday, May 3, 2022, there were 253 inmates housed at the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center. Of that population, 65 inmates – 26 percent – were incarcerated or monitored regarding current gun charges. Ten inmates face murder charges involving a firearm, while several other inmates face First-Degree Murder with Gun charges, Attempted First-Degree Murder with Gun charges or Illegal Possession of Regulated Firearms.

Some critics say the Sheriff’s Office District 4 Station on Great Mills Road in Lexington Park is not staffed 24 hours a day. The station, which opened in the summer of 2020, serves as workspace for patrol deputies and members of the Lexington Park COPs Unit.

“I want our deputies out in the community conducting policing rather than sitting inside of a building,” Captain David Yingling said.

Sheriff Cameron said the District 4 Station has “helped to revitalize Great Mills Road. It has increased our presence in the community. That’s a permanent station that demonstrates our commitment.”

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  1. Cameron, the citizens of St. Mary’s County know the facts and see that you and your staff are working hard to arrest these criminals. It’s just the police haters and democrats that are spewing hate and misinformation.
    Thank you for doing a great job for this county. Sad to see you leave the post. Take care and a safe retirement to you.

  2. Traffic enforcment is non existant! Or, is having no effect, St Marys is not great mills! Two hours response time to breaking and entering in progress in Clements is unacceptable! Average speed on 234,75mph.

  3. Cameron, what a great job you have done in your tender as a St. Mary’s County Sheriff we are saddened to see you leave but we look forward to seeing your policies kept in motion by your successor. The residence of Saint Marys County will be in great hands if your predecessor turns to be Steve Hall.

  4. The states attorney is the office responsible to ensure all the officers hard work is not in vane when these criminals are returned to the streets in short amount of time and reoffend. Check those stats…. ! The next time Fritz publishes I’m happy to announce such n such conviction….almost comical.

    1. I wonder if Fritz still has all those copies of The St. Mary’s Today…. If you know, you know lol.

  5. Parents need to realize that THEY made their kids losers, and THEY are responsible for raising them! The police, schools and the government are not!
    We all know that most prisons do not always rehabilitate criminals but, if more appropriate “productive” punishments were given out to those thugs, they just might work better than prisons. Give them a chance to educate and better themselves while in prison. Push them to choose a career that they want and help them go for it. Of course, not all of them will do that so treat each one appropriately. They don’t all need to pick up trash on our highways but some should…

  6. Our family is democrat through and through, however, we have known Tim since he joined the department and have voted for him each time. He has done an amazing job throughout his career. The problems in Lexington Park are the fault of the county commissioners and the Navy. Yup. I said it. Not investing in Lexington Park and proper zoning have caused the mid county to become Waldorf South. Good luck Sheriff Cameron! Enjoy the retirement!

  7. I greatly appreciate the work of our officers, God bless them for the jobs they do. It saddens me that “The states attorney office un-does so much of their hard work and dedication in protecting our citizens with slapping on the wrists. Why because of overcrowding? Yeah that’s a way to curb crime. also the judges and commissioners giving ROR’s when I can clearly see that the lawbreaker has a rap sheet of the same crime over and over again. I do NOT blame the officers at all. Pay attention people, we see where the problems lay and WE have the power to change the same ole same ole good ole boy ways. I’ll gladly pay more in taxes for more jails and prison’s. We need to be tough on crime. In today’s world the ball is dropped too damn often and they have to learn it doesn’t pay and only 1 way to do it. Repeat offenders no matter what the repeated crime is, violent offenders.. Sick of it. Thank you St. Mary’s Sheriffs office for doing it over and over again no thanks to the courts.

  8. 253, it sounds like 253 that are not able to vote. There are states that do allow the incarcerated to vote. When is Maryland going to allow those in jail to vote? That includes voting for the Sheriff, the judges & the SA.

  9. The local news does not cover the successes very much.

    But instead focuses mostly on the problems.

    This article is different and helps me to see all of the successes in SMC.

    Hopefully we will have more articles like this.

  10. See big dog, facts, not misinformation, oh right you don’t know the difference

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