Heards Estates meeting Sheriff
Sheriff Tim Cameron addresses the residents of Heard’s Estates 

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – Sheriff Tim Cameron, command staff and district commanders of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office held a community meeting Tuesday evening with the residents of Heard’s Estates in Great Mills. Property crimes, violent crimes, enforcement actions and preventative measures were reviewed. 

Residents were advised to keep their vehicles locked and to keep valuables out of sight to prevent motor vehicle burglaries. “Locking your doors is probably one of the biggest and easiest things to do,” said Lt. Eva Jones, District Commander. “Most often they’re going for the easier targets,” she said. 

Gun violence was also discussed. Sheriff Cameron said, “We’re going to continue to run down these guns.” Lt. Shawn Moses, Assistant Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division, reviewed the work of last summer’s Youth Gun Violence Task Force, which made 65 adult arrests in three months and seized 19 guns. 

Sheriff Cameron said law enforcement alone will not solve the youth culture of gun violence. The community also needs to be involved in the lives of young people. “Where does the prevention come in? Community is substantial in that,” he said. 

A resident speaks to Sheriff Cameron and Lt. Stephen Simonds 
Lt. Eva Jones and Captain David Yingling, Commander of the Patrol Division

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  1. Looks like the wrong residents showed up, the victims should not be there, the family and friends of the criminals should.

  2. “The community needs to be involved in the lives of young people”??? Did the community create them?
    How about making the parents do some time also?
    How about making the parents come up with and enforce solutions that will work? Like NO TV, cell phones or internet usage until the youths have made full and appropriate restitution for their crimes?
    How about making the penalties fit the crimes?
    Just throwing someone in jail doesn’t always make them change. The need to be given a goal to work towards their chosen field…

  3. This is not directed at any SAs office in particular: I have looked on several websites (MD) & now ask: is there a website/ websites that has the exact # of laws in MD, state laws, criminal laws? I can gather the total # of incarcerated, but am looking for the total # of state laws. This would include, separately, the # of traffic laws, lets separate the handcuffed ones from the drive- away ones. Is Maryland ashamed of the # of laws it has & doesn’t publish them? Remember, we’ve been collecting these since 16 something (year).

  4. Sheriff Cameron said, “We’re going to continue to run down these guns.”

    “Meanwhile you victims must remain unarmed, cower in your closets and forget about your Constitutional rights.”

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