Between the hours of 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. March 11, The Alcohol Coordinator for The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, SDFC Emory Johnson along with St. Mary’s Deputy DFC Christopher Morley and a confidential informant conducted a controlled buy operation for the sale of alcoholic beverages to a person under the age of 21.

The confidential informant with a valid Maryland drivers license clearly indicating that he was under the age of twenty one was instructed to enter the establishment pick out an alcoholic beverage and attempt to pay for it and leave. The operation was conducted at 16 various establishments in the county.

Civil citations for providing alcoholic beverages for consumption to a person known to be under the age of twenty one were issued at the following establishments: H.Gass Seafood in Hollywood, Jugheads Liquors in California, JC Wines and Spirits in California, Sign of the Whale in Lexington Park, Canopy Liquors in Lexington Park, and Beacon Liquors in Callaway.

The following establishments were also targeted but refused to sell to an under aged person: Cooks Liquors in Hollywood, Snellmans Grocery Store, Plaza Wine and Spirits, Bay Country Liquors, ABC Liquors, Esperanza Shell, 2000 Liquors, Hal’s Deli, County Liquors, and Leonardtown Sunoco.