MECHANICSVILLE, Md. – Angela Lindsey has loved reading since she was a small child. However, the author of the best-selling Waverly The Witch book, never thought of herself as a writer. Then, her son inspired her to become a storyteller. 

Bobby, now 6 years old, started asking his mother to tell him stories when he was one or two years old. “He was obsessed with me telling him stories. He didn’t want me to read from a book. So, I was always making things up.” 

Listen To Your Mom

The businesswoman said it came as a nice change of pace from her work with her family’s security firm and her investment business. She never thought of turning those stories into books until her mother was over for a visit and listened in on the Waverly the Witch story. Angela says her mother had one request after hearing the tale. “She said, ‘Do me a favor, please write that down. Please put that out.’ I started looking into it.”

Despite that nudge from her mother, things didn’t really kick into gear until COVID hit. The lockdown gave Angela time to get serious about her book. She began to research the publishing process and connected online with UK illustrator Corryn Webb.  An illustrator is a crucial part of creating a children’s book. Angela tried out several candidates before finding just the right person to bring Waverly to life. “She knocked it out of the park.”

Inspired By Bobby

The book tells the story of Waverly the Witch and her first day at a new school. Angela created the story to ease her son’s fears about starting pre-K. The magical setting was also inspired by Bobby. “He loves magic. He even has his little magic sets and he likes to play magic. He loves witches, dragons, and pirates.” Waverly’s best friend in the book is named Bobby, after her son.

The book, which is aimed at readers aged 3 – 9, is already a best-seller in several children’s categories on Amazon.  Angela says her first book will definitely not be her last. “Now, I’m hooked.”

The second book in the series, Waverly and Bobby Take New York City is due out in December.  Angela says she continues the school theme. “It’s about their first field trip.”  The third book in the series will be out next March.

Where To Get A Copy

The book is available online as an eBook, paperback, and hardback at and Barnes and Noble. Angela also plans to have it on the shelves of a major book retailer very soon. She also hopes to fulfill a very special dream. “My dream is I want to be in the Scholastic Fair Book Club.  I love it.  I go every year with my son. I volunteered, even as a child. I want to go there and see my book.”

Angela will hold a book signing at the White Rabbit Bookstore in California on Halloween from 11 am to 1 pm.

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