Southern Maryland citizens are trekking today to 104 voting precincts for the 2014 General Election. Polls remain open until 8 p.m. The Bay Net will be presenting election results from all three counties as soon as the polls close.

Anecdotal information from the polls reports lines at some polls at the 7 a.m. open, and then steady crowds but nothing particularly heavy during the middle of the day. Southern Marylanders historically vote in larger numbers on their way home from work.

There are 23 polling precincts in Calvert County, 45 in Charles and 36 in St. Mary’s. Results from the week-long Early Voting will be released right after the polls close at 8 and then the rest of the precincts will come trickling in after that.

The attached Photo Gallery is from polling places in all three counties and was supplied by TheBayNet Staff.