CALIFORNIA, MD – April 11, 2020 –  As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic impacts communities throughout the state, our crews remain focused on serving you and continue to work around the clock to ensure that safe, reliable water and sewer services continue. While the Metropolitan Commission is considered to be an Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce at this time, we have always taken our responsibility of being a steward of critical infrastructure very seriously. As you are trying to remain safe through this crisis, the last thing you need to worry about is the reliability of your public water supply and the disposal of  waste water. Clean water is a vital necessity at all times, but especially now as it is critical that everyone is able to wash their hands to help prevent the spread of this new disease within our community.

Although MetCom has suspended customer water/sewer disconnections, there may be times when we must plan a temporary service interruption to address critical work that must be performed on our system. In some cases, emergency work, such as a water main break, may also require an outage without advanced communication. To keep you better informed, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with the St. Mary’s County Health Department and County Department of Emergency Services to provide Reverse 911 calls in the event of such an outage.  We will do our best to minimize the inconvenience by scheduling the work during late night hours and limit the duration to the fullest extent possible.

Although our administrative offices remain closed to the public, you can call us anytime at 301.737.7400 if you have a water or sewer problem or related emergency. With many people spending a significant amount of time at home, you might experience higher water usage than normal.  Please be aware that this can impact your monthly bill and you may want to consider implementing some water conservation practices. If you have questions or concerns with your bill or need to request a payment plan, please email or call us at 301.737.7400 ext. 201 between the hours of 9am – 3pm.

When you see our crews working, we ask that you acknowledge them with a friendly wave and let them know you appreciate what they do for you each day.  We appreciate all the community support.  For more information regarding COVID-19, visit the SMCHD website, for local updates and information or call the St. Mary’s County COVID-19 Community Hotline, Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at 301.475.4911.