St. Mary’s County, MD — St. Mary’s County Sheriff Office is applying for federal grant money in order to purchase ballistic helmets for the Civil Disturbance Unit and the public is invited to make comments on the grant application.

The Sheriff’s Office could receive up to $16,762 from Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program. The program helps provide funds to state, local, and tribal law enforcement in an effort to prevent or reduce crime and violence.

The funds may be used to provide additional personnel, equipment, supplies, contractual support, training, technical assistance, and information systems for criminal justice, including for any one or more of the following: law enforcement programs; prosecution and court programs; prevention and education programs; corrections and community corrections programs; drug treatment and enforcement programs; crime victim and witness initiatives (other than compensation); and mental health programs and related law enforcement and corrections programs, including behavioral programs and crisis intervention teams.

The grant request will go before the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County for approval on August 20, 2019, during their regular meeting.

If you’d like to read the grant application, it should be made available, starting August 20, at

If you want to leave a comment, you can send an email to

or write a letter to:

St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office

Public Information Officer

c/o Jason Babcock

23150 Leonard Hall Drive

Leonardtown, MD 20650