On View Arrests:

Drug/Assault Arrest-  On September 28, 2019, DFC. D. Smith responded to the 26800 block of Valley Circle in Mechanicsville, for the reported assault.  Investigation determined Matthew Thomas McGrane, age 42 of Mechanicsville, assaulted the victim by punching the victim in the head numerous times.  McGrane also pulled the victim by the victim’s hair across the ground, causing a laceration to the victim’s abdomen.  McGrane was taken into custody, and a cigarette pack which contained a suspected strip of Suboxone was located.  McGrane was charged with Assault and CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana.  CASE# 55783-19 (No Photograph Available)

Assault-  On September 30, 2019, Dep. M. Beyer responded to the 21700 block of North Essex Drive in Lexington Park, for the reported assault involving a knife.  Investigation determined Johnny Robert Bodiford Jr., age 29 of Mechanicsville, began to argue with the victims.  During the argument, Bodiford threw a bottle at one victim and removed a knife from his pocket and began to threaten the victims.  Bodiford while in very close proximity to the victims made threats to cut the victims while holding the knife.  Bodiford was located and charged with Assault First Degree and Assault 2nd Degree.  CASE# 56169-19

Johnny Robert Bodiford Jr.


09/26/19-  Alonzo NMN Garcia, age 52 of Great Mills- Violation of Probation by Dep. Forbes# 341.  CASE# 55401-19

Alonzo NMN Garcia

09/27/19-  Steven Rene Tharpe Jr., age 29 of no fixed address- CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana and Violation of Probation by Cpl. LeFave# 264.  CASE# 55429-19

Steven Rene Tharpe Jr.

09/28/19-  Jason Michael Weber, age 38 of Mechanicsville- Violation of Probation by Dep. Hersh# 343.  CASE# 55700-19

Jason Michael Weber

09/28/19-  Aaron Dwayne Johnson Jr., age 24 of Lexington Park- Violation of Probation/Robbery by Dep. Fretwell# 348.  CASE# 51631-19

Aaron Dwayne Johnson Jr.

09/30/19-  Glenn Rodney Battle, age 33 of Mechanicsville- FTA/Driving While Revoked by Dep. Rycyzyn# 350.  CASE# 56019-19

Glenn Rodney Battle

09/30/19-  Kimberly Ann Kerr, age 29 of Hughesville- Violation of Probation/Theft by Cpl. Flerlage# 241.  CASE# 56084-19

Kimberly Ann Kerr

Criminal Citation:

09/27/19-  James Wayne Murphy, age 54 of Lexington Park- Possess-Open Container by Cpl. Beishline# 252.  CASE# 55579-19

James Wayne Murphy

09/28/19-  Shuree Sinese Weems, age 38 of no fixed address-Trespassing by Dep. Fenwick# 338.  CASE# 55828-19

Shuree Sinese Weems

09/28/19-  Michael Tyree Mitchell, age 36 of Lexington Park- Trespassing-Private Property by Dep. Budd# 325.  CASE# 55728-19 (No Photograph Available)