LEONARDTOWN, Md. — The St. Mary’s County Government put out the following statement regarding a land surveyor has been falsely certifying property lines.

“It has come to the County’s attention that the license of Property Line Surveyor Jerry D. Nokleby has been expired since January 5, 2019. Mr. Nokleby did survey work as VARC, L.L.C. d/b/a Nokleby Surveying, Inc., neither of which is in good standing with the State of Maryland. St. Mary’s County Government is conducting a thorough review of all projects that may have been impacted.”

A source who asked to remain anonymous but is close to the incident has confirmed to TheBayNet.com that approximately 50 projects have been impacted by this issue. An estimated 30 projects will likely need to be redone and approximately 15 or more projects are currently still pending that are expected to fail.

This is a developing story. We are currently working to obtain additional details.