St. Mary’s Hospital recently received the American Heart Association’s “Silver Performance Achievement Award” for excellent stroke care.  This award reflects an 85 percent or higher compliance rate for seven care measures over 12 months.  St. Mary’s Hospital became the first hospital to be named a Primary Stroke Center in Southern Maryland in the spring of 2007.


As a Primary Stroke Center, St. Mary’s has a dedicated Stroke Team available 24 hours a day who evaluate patients within minutes of their arrival.  St. Mary’s has a well-defined process to care for stoke patients because every minute can make a difference.  Respiratory Therapists, Intensive Care Center nurses, and physicians are among the first on the scene, providing assessments to determine if the patient is indeed experiencing a stroke.  Soon afterward, lab work is completed and Imaging technicians complete a CT scan to provide a visual of any brain damage that may have occurred.  With a team of radiologists, radiology technicians, laboratory personnel, nurses and physicians available to provide care around the clock, St. Mary’s Hospital stroke patients can be assured of receiving extremely thorough care.


In the weeks after a stroke, rehabilitative care is an important part of recovery.  Patients can take advantage of the hospital’s physical, occupational and speech therapy services.  They also receive a personal evaluation of their risk factors, as well as written educational materials, to help them with prevention.