St. Mary’s County Public Schools (SMCPS) has asked for a waiver so they don’t have to make up five of the days lost to snow. The waiver was requested to the Maryland State Board of Education and if granted would exempt the school system from the state requirement that students be in school for 180 days every year. Charles County has also asked for a waiver.

St. Mary’s County School Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano told the school board on Wednesday that a decision on the request is expected next week.

The school board had already approved a plan to make up three of the five days when the last two days last week on Monday and Tuesday compounded the problem. The plan was to use Easter Monday, an in service day on May 2nd and extend the school year one day to Friday, June 13. If the waiver is granted those three days off will be given back

If the waiver is not granted a decision will have to be made on how to make up the additional two days. Board members have consistently said they would like to avoid cutting any more into the spring break because many families have vacation plans.

There is also concern with tacking days onto the end of the school year when time spent might not be very productive.

Martirano said he believed the SMCPS had a good chance of getting the waiver based on previous experience. In 2010 the schools received a five-day waiver after having 10 snow days. This year the total so far is 11.