3:39 pm update: The child’s family member has been located. Thank you for sharing.

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – 3:10 p.m. –The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office is seeking contact information for the child’s parents/guardian. 

If you have information that can assist in help, please call 911 or contact the Sheriff’s Office at 301-475-8008.

The Sheriff’s Office reports the child was found in the area of the Wildewood community pool.

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Contact our news desk at news@thebaynet.com

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    1. Ah, the “There oughta be a law” crowd. How about unless you know the full context let’s refrain from suggesting the government steal kids from families…

  1. So sad – poor little guy! His eyes say it all (lost & confused). How does this keep happening? Who’s watching these babies and how are they not aware they aren’t around? Found a little one in our neighborhood at night time all she only knew her age 2. Parents, Family, Babysitters – Please get your minds on these babies …gone in an instant!!!

  2. I raised 5 in my life time ans watch several grand-kids and yes it only takes an instant! You can still be the best of parent or keeper but you can not watch them constantly and it only takes an instant for one to walk away…..and you don’t know what direction. No “watcher” is perfect. Years ago,one of my parents tenants lost the little boy, come to find out he had laid in his little bed and was asleep. Ha Ha…..and we were all running around outside looking for him.

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