LA PLATA, Md. — In 2018, the State’s Attorney’s Office for Charles County was proud to release the “Tony Talks Charles County Crime” podcast to educate and inform citizens about the criminal justice system. Hosted by State’s Attorney Tony Covington, “Tony Talks Charles County Crime” covers an array of topics related to criminal justice, both locally and nationally.


On March 6, 2019, the State’s Attorney’s Office released part two of a two-episode discussion regarding drunk driving – an issue that kills almost 30 people nationally every day. In part one of the discussion, State’s Attorney Covington breaks down the problem of drunk driving and its causes, while also sharing a gripping true-life narrative of how drunk driving affected one family forever. In part two, State’s Attorney Covington is joined by Executive Assistant Kristen Schulz and Public Relations Specialist Kandes Carter, both of the State’s Attorney’s Office, for a question and answer style format that offers solutions to help end drunk driving, including laws and sentencing that reflect the nationwide slogan, “Don’t Drink and Drive.”


Listeners can access the podcast on the State’s Attorney Office’s website, as well as multiple streaming apps including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more.


Previous podcasts have covered the work of the State’s Attorney’s Office and domestic violence. Future podcasts will include information on plea deals, jury service, child sexual abuse, and more. Citizens are also encouraged to send suggestions for podcasts through the State’s Attorney’s Office’s “Contact Us” section of their website,


Episodes are released monthly.