Student Arrested For Loaded Gun At Non-Traditional Program High School In Cheltenham

CHELTENHAM, Md. – The Prince George’s County Police Department is investigating after a student at Non-Traditional Program 9-12 South school in Cheltenham brought a loaded gun onto school property. The 17-year-old student will be charged as an adult.

On May 18, at approximately 9:15 am, the department was notified that Prince George’s Schools security personnel recovered the gun from a 9th grade male student. The preliminary investigation revealed the ghost gun (unserialized) fell from the student’s waistband in the gymnasium.

The student will be charged with handgun on person, dangerous weapon on school property, possession of a firearm by a minor and loaded handgun on person.

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  1. You folks had better get serious about making YOUR kid’s lives happier at home before they eventually turn their anger onto you.

  2. “Non-Traditional Program”, “17-year-old student” & “9th grade male student”
    Must be one of Maryland’s progressive technological schools, specializing in math and science.
    This is the same ‘Reform School’ that they tried to sneak into Waldorf’s Industrial Zoned area, a short while back and was only stopped when the public found out about it.

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