Charles County, MD — Charles County Public Schools is expanding the use of student ID badges to all seven high schools, two middles schools, and one elementary school. 

Badges include a student’s name, school, class grade and school year, and have  a barcode which can be used for tracking late arrivals and early dismissals, purchasing meals in the cafeteria or checking materials out of the school library.

The program was tested last school year at La Plata High, John Hanson Middle, and J.P. Ryon Elementary schools. General Smallwood Middle School will also launch the program this school year and the new Billingsley Elementary later this school year. 

Principals can implement additional uses for ID badges if they choose. Students at the pilot schools will receive their ID badges at school and will be expected to wear them during the school day.

La Plata is launching badge use among students on Nov. 27.  In addition to using the badges for all student late arrivals and early dismissals La Plata will feature an express line in the cafeteria for those students who buy breakfast or lunch. 

Jason Stoddard, director of safety and security for CCPS, said, “In the event of a school emergency, it will help us be more seamless in accounting for our students. It will also help us if there is a family reunification side of it.”