Andrew Arthur Gordon
Andrew Arthur Gordon

HUGHESVILLE, Md. – On March 27 at 9:44 a.m., officers responded to a business in the 8300 block of Old Leonardtown Road in Hughesville for the report of a destruction of property.

Initial investigation revealed that an unknown suspect was carrying a large chain link and using it to smash out windows of vehicles to steal items from inside.

Officers located the suspect, Andrew Arthur Gordon, 21 of Waldorf, nearby with the stolen items and the chain link, and he was taken into custody without incident. Officers recovered additional stolen items from Gordon and returned the property to those victims as well.

Gordon was arrested and charged with theft, malicious destruction of property, rogue and vagabond, second degree assault, and concealing a dangerous weapon.

On March 28, a judge ordered the Gordon could be released on personal recognizance. Corporal B. Morrison investigated.

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  1. Is this ever going to stop?
    Will Maryland NOW realize that their punishment for crime is very inadequate?
    Will they ever stop their “catch & release” program that has never worked?
    He obviously does not have one ounce of remorse because he knows that he’ll be doing it again tomorrow.

  2. What kind of person smiles for a mug shot? One who knows that there will not be any consequencies.

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