CALIFORNIA, Md. – In a recent episode of The BayNet’s “Get Real” podcast, Chris Hill and Mark Frisco took center stage to explore the captivating realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and its profound ramifications for society. 

The conversation delved into the rapid integration of AI across diverse sectors and examined its potential impact on employment, innovation, and everyday life.

“It’s weird how we went from two, three months ago, the world didn’t know what ChatGPT was. And now even grandmas use it,” Hill stipulated. 

“Everybody thought that AI was going to go after manufacturing jobs first, and in turn, it’s actually going after creative jobs,” Frisco mentioned.

While there are concerns about AI’s impact on jobs and the economy, Hill cautioned against excessive fear-mongering, saying, “Is this really going to be the thing that kills all these jobs? Or is it something that’s going to actually make our jobs easier, better, or more practical?” 

“The answer is yes. It’ll do both,” replied Frisco. 

While the future of AI is uncertain, the hosts discussed applications that AI has accomplished and what it could do. 

Discussing a notable incident involving AI bots developed by Facebook, Frisco recalled the development of bots capable of conversing with each other, saying, “When it went off tangent, they were like, we don’t understand what they’re saying to each other anymore. And they got freaked out, and they shut it down. So that is weird.” 

Also highlighting AI’s influence on news delivery, Frisco shared an encounter with an Uber driver who revealed, “They’ve created these AI bots (holograms) and have made them look like people. So if you were watching it, like you were watching television, you could not tell that this is not a human.”

Lastly, the hosts addressed the potential impact of AI in the medical field. 

“AI is going to be able to identify things in people that maybe we don’t see as human beings or doctors may have overlooked. Where a doctor can analyze the data of a thousand points, AI can analyze the data of a trillion points,” Hill acknowledged. 

As AI continues to evolve and permeate every aspect of society, discussions about its influence on employment, creativity, and the human experience become increasingly important. The episode concluded with the hosts urging listeners to consider the multi-faceted nature of AI, its immense potential, and the challenges it presents. 

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