The camera is present in the everyday life of many young people. YouTube, Skype, Viddy, or Instagram video, are widely used tools, without which it is difficult to imagine functioning today.

The purpose of the material being recorded is usually to spread it among a smaller or larger number of people. That is why it is very important to present the main character to the camera. The same is true for Skype. It is a communication channel very often used to contact a distant friend or family member. Every girl wants to look good for her partner. The camera can, however, play tricks. The image that appears thanks to it is usually not beneficial for users.

There are a few tricks that make everyone look good in front of the camera. What should you look out for then?

Find the best angle

First of all you need to find the right angle of the camera setting. According to specialists, a computer or camera should be set a little above eye level. It is also important to look straight at the camera. To get the right angle, you can use a stack of books or set the camera on a high table. A bad angle can even make you have a double chin.

Take care of good lighting

`There are no ugly women, only women are ill-lit.`We do not remember who the author of this sentence is, but we remember it well. Have you ever wondered why candles are often used in restaurants for lighting? It is true that thanks to them the mood is more romantic, but otherwise in their luminosity, the features soften, and thanks to that the face becomes more beautiful. So if you want to look good in front of the camera, you have to take care of the lighting. In the case of a camera, the face should be well-lit. To do this, place the computer in front of the window. When the window will be behind your back, you will look like a black stain. Also avoid the light falling over your head, because it is the cause of creating ugly shadows, especially under the eyes.

Clean the surroundings

Sometimes you focus so much on your appearance that you forget about how the surroundings look like? An unmade bed, scattered clothes scattered all over the floor or sweets falling in here and there will not escape the attention of the observer. Even the most beautiful styling and professional makeup do not mask the bad impression. Therefore, first of all clean up the room.

Make sure that your face does not shine

In some girls the T-zone is very problematic, ie the forehead, nose and chin. If you belong to this group, you need to find a good matting cosmetic. Unless you want to shine like a torch. In front of the camera, the effect will be even worse than live. Glossy spots will undoubtedly attract the attention of the recipient.

Emphasize specific appearance features

If you do not appear in front of a TV camera, better give yourself a few layers of undercoat and contouring. Focus on accentuating certain parts of the face. Highlight eyebrows with shadows and breathe eyelashes carefully. Also, make sure to use a foundation that revives your face. Also apply a delicate color to the lips.

Take care of hairstyle

The large volume always looks good in the camera. Thin, bleeding hair looks unattractive. Unfortunately, we do not always have time to take care of every detail. According to Matthew Hollman – hair stylist – the best choice in front of the camera, if you are in a hurry, is a sloppy bun or braid flipped to the side. The specialist claims that the volume is the most important in the lens. Have you decided on a bun? Hollman suggests that the hair around the face is strongly pulled up. Thanks to this, you will give the impression that the hair is more. In the case of a braid make sure it is loose. You can also rub your hair a bit to electrify it. In this way you will slim the neckline and emphasize the face profile.