Many people look forward to the Friday following Thanksgiving each year as the best day of the year to go shopping – day of great deals and bargain basement prices. However there often is a big IF that accompanies the glutton of pre-Black Friday advertising.

Many stores include lots of fine print in ads that indicated quantities are limited and shoppers expecting to pick up the latest super-duper 50 inch plasma TV might be shocked to discover that after camping out, the bargains are sold out, almost before shopping begins. Many, who line up hours before stores open, often in the cold, after-Thanksgiving hours enter only to find everything is sold before they get to the counter.

Then, there are the trampled egos and flaring angry people that rush a stores opening that frequently cause anxiety and concern, sometimes involving authorities. The day has become such a shopping phenomenon, that there are now many Web sites dedicated to sending word out online about what is available where. did a few seconds of research and discovered more than a few. Here are two such sites that promise to not only tell subscribers where the best deals are, but to track store quantities and availability.

To see what we mean, check out, or and more. On these sites, subscribers can create everything from shopping lists to print coupons. Some sites offer email alerts about stock availability.

Truth of the matter is that no one set for shopping today – Black Friday – will read this story. However, for those who prefer to shop the more languid and sane shopping days – such as Christmas Eve – can sit back and watch the fun knowing they have 27 days left to shop.