scam alert
scam alert

CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. – The Town of Chesapeake Beach has received a report that a letter is being sent to members of the public, representing that it is a letter from the Town.

These letters include an (877) phone number that is not associated with Town Hall.

The letter states that a new payment system has been set up and you are required to call the Town for automated payments.

The office hours in the letter are from 6 AM-5 PM PACIFIC TIME.

The letter is signed “Dale Clerk” Town Treasurer. 

This has been reported to the Calvert County Sheriffs’ Office.

If you receive a letter of this kind please report it to the Calvert County Sheriff’s office (410)535-2800. 

Any questions related to any communication from the Town should always be directed to Town Hall at (410)257-2230 or by visiting Town Hall in person at 8200 Bayside Rd. Chesapeake Beach, MD. 

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  1. They are probably in India or Russia. Guess which countries will not investigate their own criminal hackers?

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