When you install a fence, you are able to get rid of large animals from getting into your garden or out of an enclosed area. While this is the case, you can’t fence out all the animals. Others such as rabbits and dogs are able to dig under the fence thus get into the farm or out of the enclosed area. The cool thing is that there are plenty of ways of preventing them from digging out. Here are some of the ways:

Install footer

A footer is a unit made from welded or galvanized wire and often installed under the fence. The mesh should extend in an L-shape under the ground thus preventing animals from digging under it. While it’s recommended that you bury the footer under the soil, you don’t have to do if you can’t dig due to roots, rocky soil, or foundation plants. If you can’t dig the surface lay the footer below the soil surface and secure it with heavy rocks or landscaping staples.

Install a horizontal board

Here you need to attach a board at the bottom of the fence. Sometimes large animals can move it from its place. To secure it dig a narrow ditch under the fence and place the board. For the board to resemble the rest of the fence paint it in your favorite color.

Place rocks and boulders

Rocks and boulders are effective in areas with long gaps that run along the fence. If there are rocks in your farm, use rocks to build a retaining wall. You can also use them to create a rock garden. If the gap is small, place a group of rocks and then fill in around the rocks with dirt. To give the surface a beautiful look, consider planting flowers.

Fence the area with poultry netting

Also known as chicken wire, poultry netting is an inexpensive way of closing the gap under the fence. When making the purchase, buy netting material with small gaps in order to keep even the smallest animals from squeezing through. To keep out digging animals, extend the net below the soil surface.


These are tips on how to keep out digging animals from your farm. Regardless of the method that you use, install the unit properly. This calls for you to ensure that it’s installed by an experienced professional. When buying the wire netting, ensure that you buy it from a reputable, well-known store.