WILLARDS, Md. – Maryland State Police have arrested a criminal gang member who is believed to have been involved in trafficking guns on the Eastern Shore.

The accused is identified as Dana A. Lank II, 38, of Willards, Md.  He is currently charged with the illegal possession/sale of an assault weapon, being a prohibited person in possession of a rifle/shotgun, and illegal possession of ammunition.  Additional charges are possible.  Following his arrest, Lank was held without bond in the Wicomico County Detention Center.

Earlier this month, members of the Maryland State Police Gang Enforcement Unit and the Maryland State Apprehension Team began an investigation after information was developed concerning Lank’s possible involvement with the illegal sale of firearms.  The State Police investigation indicated Lank was involved in converting semi-automatic rifles to fully-automatic and illegally selling regulated assault rifles.  Investigators determined Lank was involved in a pending illegal sale of an undocumented SKS assault rifle.  He was also identified as a member of the Dead Man Incorporated criminal gang.

On February 9, 2018, members of the State Police Gang Enforcement Unit and State Apprehension Team, assisted by the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office K-9, stopped Lank for a traffic violation in Wicomico County.  A rifle was recovered from his vehicle, which was identified an SKS assault rifle.  Lank was arrested and taken to the Salisbury Barrack for processing.

Investigators served two subsequent search warrants, including one at Lank’s residence and another at a residence connected to Lank in Berlin.  Investigators recovered a modified, fully-automatic Heckler & Koch assault rifle, a sawed off shotgun, a .357 magnum revolver, a Grendle assault rifle with no serial number, various rifle and shotgun parts and five ammunition cans filled with rifle and shotgun rounds.

Investigators received significant support from the State Police Maryland Gun Center, where investigators ran multiple inquiries on specific firearms and individuals connected with the investigation.  The Maryland Gun Center also provided detailed information about the proper criminal charges to place against Lank.