Troy D. Berry Sworn In As Sheriff Of Charles County
Troy D. Berry Sworn In As Sheriff Of Charles County
Troy D. Berry sworn in as Sheriff of Charles County on December 8, 2022

WALDORF, Md. – On December 8, 2022, Troy D. Berry was sworn in as Sheriff of Charles County at a ceremony held at the Greater Waldorf Jaycees, marking the beginning of his third term as Sheriff.

Troy D. Berry Sworn In As Sheriff Of Charles County

After he took his oath, nearly 300 Police Officers, Court Security Officers and over 100 Corrections Officers were administered the Oath of Office under Sheriff Berry’s command.

Sheriff Berry addressed the officers, stating:

“Today is a good day, because today is a day of celebration. We are not celebrating the outcome of an election, or a political party, or a candidate. We are celebrating the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, as one chapter closes and another begins.”

“Over the last four years, this agency has provided superior public safety services to this community. Together we have faced many challenges and difficulties, and yet we persevered, meeting all of the obstacles as a family.”

Please join us in celebrating our Sheriff, Troy Berry!

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  1. According to the CCSO retirement program, he had to “technically” retire to be able to run again. So now, along with a new democrat commissioner, we have a full complement of race baiting, overtaxing and overbuilding officials ruining Charles County for good.

  2. Good trick retires so he can draw his retirement and then turns around and runs for sheriff again and starts over. Double dipping has always been a greedy person’s trick. Should have stayed retired.

  3. are we going to be told when this happens so we have the opportunity to attend + perhaps a cup of coffee afterwards?

  4. Yeah I thought he was retiring. We need better patrol on the streets to get habitual speeders, incorrect lane changes, enforcement of turn signals and overall protection of lousy drivers

  5. Interesting comments. Teachers retire and return…drawing two govt funded salaries. Military retire then go to work for a govt contractor drawing two govt funded salaries. Berry “retired” so he could run again and draw two govt funded salaries. What’s the difference?

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