Two Injured After Serious Collision In Chesapeake Beach

CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. –  On September 20, at approximately 10:52 a.m., police, fire and rescue personnel responded to the serious motor vehicle collision in the area of the Naval Research Lab and Bayside Road.

Once crews arrived, they found the accident to be at Beach Drive and Bayside Road with subjects trapped.

Firefighters extracted both patients after utilizing the Holmatro cutters and spreaders. Both patients were transported by an ambulance to a local hospital.

Two Injured After Serious Collision In Chesapeake Beach

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Two Injured After Serious Collision In Chesapeake Beach

All photos courtesy of the North Beach VFD

Two Injured After Serious Collision In Chesapeake Beach

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  1. Learn how to drive, people! 261 is a very dangerous road with many driveways and blind spots. If democrats ran Calvert County, there would be 15 traffic lights on it…

    1. Get over who is in charge of this county. I was almost killed pulling out of Holiday Beach 12 years ago. Spent 7 weeks in PG Shock Trauma & will never be the same. This & other roads need lights but it will not happen at all places…

    2. If Calvert were run by Dumacrats we wouldn’t have to worry about the few accidents we would have to worry about all the shootings and killing like in Charles and PG Counties. True statement

  2. I’m a republican and that spot needs a light. You can not see traffic from the left pulling out of Beach Dr. That little mirror across the street does nothing. You literally have to sit there with all of your windows down and listen for vehicles. When you pull out you better pray you did so at the right time and that some idiot isn’t going 70 through there.

  3. Yes, that road is dangerous, coupled with some insane drivers speeding to the next red light make it even worse. Slow down for Pete’s sake.

  4. I live on Beach Drive and there is an accident in this exact spot about every three months. It is a 40 mile an hour speed limit and people drive 60 miles an hour. It is a blind spot and in the area of the rolling hills. No traffic lights along the entire road until you reach Roland’s. Why hasn’t something been done?

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