Oxon Hill, MD – Two Prince George’s County Fire Fighter/Medics were injured and their unit sustained significant damage in a crash on the Capital Beltway in Oxon Hill this evening.  

Just after 8:00 p.m. on Monday, January, 18th, Paramedic Ambulance 821, from the Oxon Hill Fire/EMS Station on Livingston Road, had just cleared a call and was returning to the station.  While travelling on the Inner Loop of the Capital Beltway approaching the St. Barnabas Road exit, a civilian vehicle side swiped the unit on the drivers side.  The collision was hard enough it caused the unit to move across the Beltway towards the slow shoulder.  The ambulances traveled head-on into a steep muddy and tree filled embankment.  It traveled several more feet on the soft shoulder striking a light pole and coming to rest in a ditch.

Both medics on board sustained injuries and were transported to a Trauma Center for evaluation and treatment.   The injuries are non-life threatening.  The striking vehicle continued up the Beltway another 200 yards and stopped on the shoulder.

As of 11:00 p.m., both medics were listed in good condition and were still being evaluated at the Trauma Center.

The County Police Department was interviewing the driver of the striking vehicle and information about any possible charges was not immediately available.

A rather bizarre secondary incident occurred when the Paramedic Ambulance struck the light pole.  The light poles along the Beltway are designed to break away from the base when they are struck.  This allowed the pole to fall towards the travel lanes.  A vehicle was slowing as the crash had occurred just in front of him.  The pole pierced his roof, went through the interior and came out the bottom of the car.  The pole missed striking the vehicle driver by mere inches.  He was able to walk away from that episode unharmed.


Article source: http://pgfdpio.blogspot.com/2016/01/two-fire-fightermedics-injured-in-crash.html?spref=tw