At 8:37 am, on Tuesday, Nov. 15, TFC Laney was on patrol on Route 246 in the area of Quatman Road, Lexington Park, when two juveniles, a 15 year old white female and a 16 year old white female, were observed walking on the sidewalk. 

As TFC Laney neared them he noticed the two attempt to hide the cigarettes they were smoking.  After he passed, they turned around to see if he was turning around.  Once out of their sight TFC Laney turned around, and as he neared their location he observed a large cloud of smoke come from the two juveniles.

The juveniles were stopped and identified.  After being told that they were observed smoking, the 16 year old removed a pack of Newport Medium cigarettes from her bookbag. 

The parents were contacted and they responded to the scene and took custody of the kids. Each child was issued a citation for Under Age Possession of a Tobacco Product.