On 11/22/2011 at 2124 hours police, fire and rescue personnel responded to a three vehicle motor vehicle collision involving a school bus transporting the girls’ basketball team from Great Mills High School.  The school bus was returning students to St. Mary’s County after they played a basketball game in Colonial Beach, Virgina.  The collision occurred in the intersection of Budds Creek Road and Mechanicsville Road, Mechanicsville, St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  Trooper First Class G. Thompson of the Maryland State Police, Leonardtown Barrack is conducting the investigation.  The investigation is also being investigated in conjunction with the St. Mary’s County School Board.  
It was determined that vehicle #1, a black 1999 Dodge truck, was stopped at the stop sign on Mechanicsville Road at Budds Creek Road.  Vehicle #1 was waiting to make a left turn, to travel east, onto Budds Creek Road.  Vehicle #2, a silver 2010 Ford Fusion, was traveling eastbound Budds Creek Road making a left turn, to travel northbound on Mechanicsville Road.  Vehicle #1 failed to wait for Vehicle #2 to clear the intersection.  Vehicle #1 proceeded into the intersection and struck Vehicle #2.  Vehicle #1 traveled into the intersection on Budds Creek Road.  Vehicle #3, a 2007 Thompson school bus, was traveling eastbound Budds Creek Road approaching the intersection.  As Vehicle #3 approached the intersection, Vehicle #3 struck Vehicle #1.  Vehicle #3 traveled off of the roadway on the westbound side of the roadway and entered a heavily wooded area.

The operator of Vehicle #2 and a 13 year old passenger were transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Leonardtown, St. Mary’s County, MD via ambulance.

A total of 28 students, four adults and the bus driver all occupied the bus.  15 students, one adult and the bus driver were transported to St. Mary’s Hospital via ambulance.  No one suffered serious injuries.  At the time of this report, all students had been discharged from the hospital.  The remaining 13 students were released into the custody of their parents at the scene of the collision.