Governor Larry Hogan receives Covid-19 vaccination on January 18, 2021
(photo: Governor Larry Hogan receives Covid-19 vaccination on January 18, 2021)

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Governor Larry Hogan today announced that, according to official CDC data, more than 95% of Maryland adults have now been vaccinated against COVID-19—another major milestone for one of the most successful vaccination campaigns in the country.

“As we achieve another incredible vaccine milestone, I want to thank all the healthcare heroes we honor this week who have made this possible,” said Governor Hogan. “While we will continue to work to reach that last 5% of adults, we are just as focused on getting more Marylanders boosted to maximize protection against the virus and its variants.”

To date, the state has administered more than 11.1 million COVID-19 vaccines, including nearly 2.1 million booster shots. State health officials continue to urge Marylanders to get boosted for maximum protection against the highly transmissible Omicron variant.

Maryland continues to report substantial declines in all key health metrics. After peaking last month below 3,500, COVID-19 hospitalizations have dropped to 1,111, for an overall decline of 67%. After peaking last month below 30%, the COVID-19 positivity rate has dropped to 5.81%, for an overall decline of 80%.

To find a vaccine clinic, visit or call the state’s multilingual call center, available seven days a week, at 1-855-MD-GOVAX (1-855-634-6829).Governor Hogan has declared Feb. 7-13 to be Healthcare Heroes Appreciation Week in Maryland.

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  1. Which now means, the majority of the anti-vaxxers have now reneged on their “I’m never gonna get the shot” BS. 95% of Marylanders have received at least one shot.

    Archie, No Clue, BB and all the other Trumpers are turning out to be what we always knew they were…full of bull.

    Imagine how much father along this country would be in its recovery from the pandemic if people put facts in front of politics instead of the other way around. Or if they believed the overwhelming opinion of our medical community and the overwhelming opinion of the world medical community, instead of a bunch of crackpot loonies who infest the fringes of the internet or host a show on Fox News or One America.

        1. I did, and you mentioned trumpers, so I’ll ask again, what does this article have to do with politics?

          1. So you read one word and that is all you understood?

            My point, you clueless wizard is that without the politics of the stupid, this country would be much farther along and closer to the end of the pandemic.

            Instead, because of politics, we are still stuck in this mess.

            Do you understand yet? Or do you need it written in crayon?

          2. Oh I get it, so like ccwam, bill Barnes etc that blame democrats for everything, you’re blaming republicans for everything
            You clowns on here make absolutely no sense what so ever

  2. Well, of course! 95% of Marylanders are democrat puppets. Research, investigations and finding the truth is not their strong point because, if it was, it would cause them to change their party affiliation.

    1. Provide a link showing that 95% of voters in Maryland are registered Democrat.

      You made the statement, Archie, back it up.

    2. Republicans and democrats are both terrible. If you think one is bad and other is good then you are embracing your own indoctrination at this point.

  3. “Anonymous says:
    February 10, 2022 at 7:11 am

    Oh I get it, so like ccwam, bill Barnes etc that blame democrats for everything, you’re blaming republicans for everything
    You clowns on here make absolutely no sense what so ever”

    No moron. I am not “blaming Republicans for everything”. Christ learn how to read.

    A few points:

    1. Trumpers are not Republicans. Republicans have a core set of values that Trumpers repudiate.
    2. This country’s response to COVID-19 was negatively impacted because of the incompetence of President Trump.
    3. This country’s continued response has been negatively impacted because of the a certain segment of our population simply refuses to acknowledge any factual evidence. They believe crackpot internet misinformation over the evidence and the opinions of the entire world medical community. That segment of the population is the Trumpers. This is not a political statement, it is a factual statement.

    1. I wonder what you would refer to me as? I’m “unvaccinated “ , not because I’m a antivaxer but because there isn’t a vaccine yet for covid, so I’m not going to be a test subject for something that number 1 doesn’t prevent you from getting COVID but doesn’t prevent the spread of COVID, number 2 vaccines take years to develop not months
      I’ve had “COVID “ 4 times, haven’t gotten sick any of those times
      I’m not a republican, nor a democrat, all politicians are crooks, so I stay out of that mess and live life, I could care less

          1. Compared to most of the people who post on here, yeah, I post relevant factual information.

            You obviously have trouble reading English and your range of comments is limited to “What does politics have to do with this?”.

          2. You and the rest of the clowns bring politics to literally every single article the baynet puts out, you offer zero facts other then what the news media puts out
            My advice would be to leave baynet and social media all together, which is what I definitely intend to do because you clowns have totally destroyed the baynet
            You have yourself a wonderful day

          3. And you also still have failed to answer my very simple question, what does politics have to do with this article?
            You were the one that mentioned “trumpers” then you proceed to say trumpers are not republicans, um trump last time I checked was a republican lol so now “trumpers” are Democrats?
            You do realize that other countries are having the exact same problem with “Covid “ as the United States right? So by blaming Donald trump and the “trumpers” you’re making yourself no better then the rest of baynet goon squad
            I just find it absolutely hilarious that you follow and believe everything that the news tells you, and the goon squad believes everything that trump tells them
            You all need to get a life and quit letting politics ruin your lives, you’ll enjoy life much better, trust me, I don’t vote, I don’t let politics run my life, and when a conversation is started about politics I simply walk away, because I don’t care
            Take my advice, you all could definitely benefit from it

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