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WASHINGTON — On April 11, 2022, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) applauded executive actions that President Biden announced this afternoon to address the epidemic of gun violence our nation is facing, including safeguards on the production and sale of unserialized firearm components – also known as “ghost guns” – that he pushed the administration to finalize earlier this year.

“In Maryland, we’ve seen the toll these untraceable weapons have taken on our communities – and that’s why our General Assembly stood up to the NRA and took action to ban ghost guns from our state. But Maryland is not an island, and many guns being used in crimes are coming from out of state. That’s why I was proud to see President Biden take meaningful action today to close ghost gun loopholes, modernize background check rules, and nominate a highly qualified and respected leader to head the ATF. These are important steps, but our work to reduce senseless gun violence is far from over. Even if Republicans don’t have the courage to support these common-sense reforms, I’ll keep fighting for meaningful action to reduce gun violence.”

A longtime advocate for gun violence prevention, Senator Van Hollen has fought to enact common-sense reforms since his time in the Maryland General Assembly. In January, Senators Van Hollen and Ben Cardin (D-Md.) urged President Biden to take swift action to close ghost gun loopholes nationwide. Senator Van Hollen also supported the Maryland General Assembly’s efforts to ban the sale and possession of ghost guns in the state, which became law last week, submitting written testimony in support of the measure earlier in the legislative session.

Additionally, the Senator has pushed for funding for community violence prevention programs on the Senate Appropriations Committee, introduced the ATF Improvement and Modernization (AIM) Act to improve and modernize the ATF in order to strengthen gun safety in our communities, and the Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act to incentivize state and local governments to enact laws requiring individuals to obtain a license before purchasing a handgun.

More information on today’s executive actions by President Biden is here.

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  1. Wackos ignoring the U.S. Constitution because two gangs of thugs had a shootout in Ca. and all of those Gun Control Laws were already in place there. The Gun Control laws don’t work and are ignored by the Violent Thug Criminals. Demo-craps are too stupid to understand that it is people committing these crimes not the guns.
    Even gun runner Holder knew it would end in multiple deaths because he ignored the existing gun laws. It was him not the guns HE let walk!

    FJB!!! & The Monkey County dweeb.

    1. They can make them illegal, but I promise you that unmarked gun ownership will grow exponentially now!
      This has NOTHING to do with caring about human lives since we know that democrats only care about votes and money. They know that guns are the only thing that can stop them because they can’t control them, but they’ll still try at every chance they get.
      They’ve succeeded at rigging the elections and now guns are their final frontier!
      Remember, they only ACT like they care about human lives and about our Constitution, but they DO NOT! They make the murder of innocent babies legal while protecting heinous criminals by eliminating the death penalty.

  2. You put forth a really silly premise; that laws should stop bad behavior. No law ever has done that. Laws may reduce bad behavior, but they will never eliminate it. Laws should punish bad behavior. Using your silly premise, we should have no laws because people still steal, they still speed, the still injure/wound/kill, they still drive drunk and on and on and on.

  3. This fool does not realize that the illegals they are letting in and shipping everywhere, joining the gangs and becoming one of the largest problems this country has ever seen. So you have the mindless democrats saying it’s the guns fault and wanting to screw over law abiding citizens. These democrats need to be replaced.

  4. Most illegals that are apprehended are returned back over the border under Title 42. Many of those attempt to enter more than once and are turned back more than once. The largest problem this country has ever seen isn’t illegal immigration, it is the gullibility and laziness of the electorate. How does banning a gun that cannot be traced screw over law abiding citizens?

      1. No Clue The Troll pokes his head above the rest of the pond scum to make a childish, irrelevant post that has nothing to do with the article my comment or any of the other comments. What a shock!

  5. Ghost guns are not a significant threat in Maryland, you pandering idiot. When people get charged with gun crimes DA’S plea down the cases.
    Lock m up.

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