Thomas Straten Abbott

CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. – On February 24, 2022, Deputy Savick responded to a residence in the 8100 block of Deer Chase Lane in Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732 for a Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) violation.

Upon arrival, contact was made with the complainant who advised she allowed Thomas Straten Abbott, 40 of Stafford, VA, to reside at the home for a brief period of time while she was away.

The complainant advised she found numerous needles, multiple bags containing suspected Heroin, multiple bags containing Heroin residue and CDS paraphernalia in her home.

Mary Katelyn Meeks

Deputy Savick made contact with Abbott in his vehicle outside the residence accompanied by passenger Mary Katelyn Meeks, 31 of Richmond, VA. Deputy Savick observed several needles and Ziploc bags in plain view. A vehicle search revealed multiple tear offs, needles, Ziploc bags containing suspected heroin residue. A Mossberg 9mm handgun was also located in the vehicle. Investigation revealed Thomas is a convicted felon and prohibited from owning a firearm.

Thomas Straten Abbott was transported to the Calvert County Detention Center and charged with CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana, CDS: Possession of Paraphernalia, Possession of a Loaded Handgun in Vehicle, Illegal Possession of Ammunition, Illegal Possession of a Regulated Firearm, and Handgun in a Vehicle. Mary Katelyn Meeks was charged with CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana and CDS: Possession of Paraphernalia.

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