We all know how difficult it is to organize an event, more so if it is your wedding that we are talking about. We have heard of bridal jitters and couples breaking up due to the stress and pressure that comes with preparing for the wedding. That said, making it a success is not impossible and below are just 3 simple ways to help you plan your wedding day.


If you have ever heard of the saying “no man is an island” then you know what I want to talk about. Taking care of everything by yourself is not only stressing but can break you down. Even generals delegate duties to their subordinates. Delegating some of the duties to your maid of honor or to some of the bridesmaids will help you to focus on what is important. You can also delegate some duties to your husband-to-be. Sharing responsibilities will not only make your relationship stronger, it will also help you to know your husband more.

Stick to the Budget

Many couples break up due to financial stress. It is important that you talk with each other and determine the budget you will work on for your wedding. If you are in a financial constraint or tight budget, then cutting down the number of your guests to close family and friends would help lower down your cost. You can also talk with your wedding photographer and ask for some discounts. More often than not, they have a photo and video package which is usually cheaper compared to availing of the same services from two different providers.

Some couples also do a wedding registry where everything they want are listed so that guests would be able to know what wedding gifts or items the couple needs. This eliminates the chance of receiving duplicate items as well as helps you purchase things you want for your home without receiving the same thing(s) from your guests.


Your wedding day should feel special as you and your beloved become one, it should not feel like going to the gallows. If you feel pressured and stressed out from all the wedding activities going on around you, then stop. For one day, just do what you do daily without thinking about your wedding day. You can go out on a date with your boyfriend or hang out with your friends. This would help you de-stress and allow you to focus clearly later on. Your wedding day should be special and by doing these simple things, you will have a memorable one.

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