Lusby, MD – The Board of County Commissioners were notified by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) that water samples from the Cove Point Lighthouse (CPL) rental facility were found to contain diesel range organics, a contaminant, above the state’s reporting level. Out of an abundance of caution visitors to CPL are being advised to drink bottled water while visiting the facility.

The water sample was taken as part of the USCG’s property transfer process as required by federal law. The USCG plans to turn over the last portion of the CPL property to Calvert County Government. Reportable levels of diesel range organics were identified in a water sample collected from the on-site drinking water well on May 8. The well was retested and contamination levels were confirmed on May 18.

The USCG notified the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and Calvert County Government of the test findings on May 8. The USCG completed a field investigation and sent the final report to MDE for review June 6. MDE will determine if any additional site investigation is required. At this time the issue is believed to be contained at the CPL property.

MDE advises the CPL well water is safe for bathing and washing clothes. MDE has not recommended any other precautionary measures. CPL remains open to the public.