Bike New York has been around since 1977 and has limited this ride to 32,000 cyclists allowed. Well-over 60,000 patrons attend the bike expo. Once again, Mr. Ken Podziba, the President of this highly successful nonprofit group, invited Foundation 4 Heroes to attend.

The money they raise helps fund teaching children and adults how to ride a bike and about bike safety. They also have year-round programs like: youth programs, summer camp and after school programs.

There are so many health benefits and social pluses to it, besides, once you learn as a kid you have it forever.

Some of the many health benefits to cycling like: less stress on the joints, burns lots of calories, gives you a healthy heart, multiple muscle groups are used and will help you trim down, equipment is affordable, you can do it at any age, you will enjoy all over body toning, higher energy levels and it could get you outdoors to enjoy nature or the sights in your own community.

We packed up the vehicle and Ed Tully, of Tantaztic/Residual Plus Real Estate, and Laura Batson, of Mike Batson Photography, and me, took time off from work and made the journey to the Big Apple.

It is a tiring and exhausting weekend but it is nothing compared to what the little heroes battling health issues go through. That is why all of us at Foundation 4 Heroes continue to donate our time, sacrifice time with our families and volunteer; because we believe in the kids.