Lamar Antonio Allen

California, MD— On November 28, 2015, at 12:39 am, Tpr. Mulhearn was approached by a complainant at the Walmart in California. 

The complainant advised that a male was exposing himself and following her around the parking lot.  Tpr. Mulhearn and Tpr. Capranica made contact with the suspect, Lamar Antonio Allen, 47, of Solomons, and placed him under arrest for Indecent Exposure.

According to court documents “The victim advised she got in her vehicle, trying to leave, but the suspect followed her. The victim parked in a parking spot near a Walmart co-worker’s vehicle because she was nervous he was going to follow her.”

“The victim advised that while she was talking to the Walmart manager the suspect drove over in the white Lexus and parked in aisle seven, directly in front of where she was standing, and continued to stare at her,” according to court documents. 

The victim advised St.Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office “the suspect (Allen) never made a move to get out of his vehicle. The victim stated she was afraid to leave the parking lot in fear that he would follow her home.” 

Mr. Allen was transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center.

Judge Chesser determined that Allen’s bail be set at $17,500. Also, a trial date is set for Jan.26, 2016 in St.Mary’s County District Court. Allen faces a maximum of three years in jail and or a fine of $1,000.