Lusby, MD – Despite work that was done in 2014, the Cove Point Road/Little Cove Point Road intersection in Lusby remains an area of concern for motorists and local officials.

“Someone’s going to die, it’s just inevitable,” said Calvert County Commissioner Mike Hart [R – District 1], who frequently travels the road.

According to Calvert County Department of Public Works Director Rai Sharma, the 2014 intersection fix approved by the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) “included a 17-foot wide right turn lane from Cove Point Road to Little Cove Point Road.”

The still-treacherous intersection is in the shadow of Dominion Cove Point Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant. That facility is undergoing a massive expansion within its confines, with a high volume of vehicles traveling narrow Cove Point Road. Dominion paid for the 2014 improvements, which were done by SHA. Little Cove Point Road connects the massive subdivision of Chesapeake Ranch Estates to Cove Point Road.

“The roadway improvements constructed in 2014 still impeded the line of sight of motorists entering Cove Point Road from Little Cove Point Road,” Sharma stated in a memo to the Calvert County Commissioners.

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, Sharma presented a plan to the commissioners which he assures will “make the intersection safer. It still won’t be 100 percent.” Sharma stated the Department of Public Works, with state approval, would be doing the work. While the SHA has approved all the plans, they have declined to provide any funding for the project. Sharma announced that Dominion has agreed to fund fully the $250,000 project, with the department providing “in-kind services.”

In addition to funding, Dominion is giving county easements needed for the project. One component of the project will be to move overhead utilities underground. That will eliminate utility poles that hinder the line of sight at the intersection.

Sharma told the commissioners the construction project is scheduled to begin this spring or early summer.

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