Good Morning Southern Maryland, I hope this week treats you well. A special shout-out to Troy Hansen Law, Sparkle Salon, Blue Wind Gourmet and for helping pro wrestling to live here in Southern Maryland.  If you have not tried Dana’s special homemade cheesecakes at Blue Wind Gourmet yet you are missing out on some legit award winning flavors. Stop by today to indulge yourself, you deserve it!

This week we lost another great in the sport of wrestling. “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel (William Ansor) passed away at the young age of 53. I have very fond memories of watching Mr. Landel in the ring and a lot of friends that have had the honor to step into the ring with this gentleman.  All speak very highly of him and acknowledge he will be missed.

We had a very exciting weekend of wrestling, a little north of Southern Maryland in Glen Burnie, Maryland. MCW had over 600 people come to see Ladies Night with former WWE’s Victoria, Melina and Mickie James, Ring of Honors Mandy Leon and many more lovely, hard hitting ladies. The evening also had the hardcore legend Mick Foley who decided he wanted to personally get involved with my match, something about making sure things were fair……as if I ever…… are the results compliments of Maryland Championship Wrestling:

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley Special commissioner for The Evening

Match #1 Queen Kimber Lee defeated Mandy Leon

Al Alberts was acknowledging Matt Alvear and Tony Diggs of the Hispanic Officers Law Enforcement Association when Andrew Steel, Money Green, Cesar, Oakley Woods came to the ring complaining about not being booked on the show but MCW giving “Ring Time” to these Police Officers. Mick Foley came out with Fenix Fury and Paul Jordane and decided to put two of the Baltimore City Police officers in an 8 man tag Team Match later in the show.

Match #2   Punk Rock All Stars defeated Fed Up

Match #3   Renee Michelle defeated Tessa Blanchard

Match #4    Ryan McBride defeated LI Green

Match #5   8 Man tag Team Match of Fenix Fury, Ron Paul Jordane Matt Alvear and Tony Diggs defeated Andrew Steel, Money Green, Cesar, Oakley Woods with Mick Foley putting Mr. Socko on Oakley Woods

Match #6   MCW Rage Championship Brandon Scott vs. Drolix ended in a 15 Minute Time Limit Draw

Match #7   MCW Tag Team Championship The Hell Cats defeated Ecktourage                       

Match #8  Ken Dixon and the Dixon Line Security defeated MCW Champion The Bruiser in a 3 on 1 Handicap match

Match #9 Main Event; MCW Woman’s Championship

Mickie James defeated Amber Rodriguez with Lisa Marie Varon as Special Guest Referee and Melina as Outside Enforcer to become the new MCW Women’s Champion

We at Ground Xero Wrestling are very proud of our Richmond, Virginia Head Trainer Mickie James for winning the MCW woman’s Gold!

This week we are running a contest! The winner will be chosen on Friday, June 26th. The prizes are two tickets to a Maryland Blue crabs game, two tickets to this Saturdays GXW event with Sgt. Slaughter and two tickets to the southern Maryland BBQ and Brew festival! Three Fantastic family fun events to get outside and enjoy the day with, here is how to win.  1. Leave a comment in the section below with the name of the wrestler you would want to see come to Southern Maryland 2. Like and Share this story on any social media you may have and 3. Do a good deed for someone today, anything counts open the door for someone, tip your hat to someone and say hello while looking into their eyes, say thank you to the retailers that are ringing you up. While it can’t be done here I used to make a habit of paying the 70 cent tolls for any random car behind me in Richmond Va. Pay it Forward. It can go long way.

This Saturday is going to be history folks; I have been told by the manager of the Sarge that this will be his very last match ever. This is huge folks, SGT. Slaughter is and forever will be ingrained into the history of professional wrestling, at one point he was the most hated man around and needed personal security due to numerous death threats for his actions to his country on television. He has also been one of the most loved individuals with fans all over the world recognizing his name, voice and trademark chin, a real life GI JOE American Hero.  Don’t miss your chance to be a part of history here are just some of the matches you will see this Saturday 2pm at the VFW across from the wildwood shopping center.

Former TNA and current Global Superstar Sonjay Dutt will battle the evil martial arts specialist Bolo Yung

Current CZW champion BLK JEEZ steps foot for the first time in a GXW ring during the battle royal to fight for a title shot.

My tagteam partner Shorty Smalls and I will have an open challenge to any LOCAL LICENSED wrestlers for our GXW Tag team titles.

SGT. Slaughters FINAL MATCH.

As always we offer free DDP yoga, HHH weight training workouts and 30 minute cardio workouts to the community. Every event ticket you can take 5.00 off with a can of food that goes to the food pantry here in ridge. A 50/50 raffle with proceeds going to the Great Mills High School class of 1995 20 year reunion. Come join us for some fun this weekend, if you wear my colors I will pay you cold hard cash! Email me with any questions, comments or concerns at