This past year hasn’t exactly been ideal for those of us who like to travel. In 2020, the pandemic bore down on us hard, and things are still not back to normal. Many of us are still stuck inside, just counting the days until we’re once again allowed to resume our day-to-day lives as we were living them before all of this happened.

If you’re in this predicament, we know of a great way to pass the time while you wait for the situation to improve: planning your vacation! There are a ton of places to visit once pandemic restrictions are lifted, from exotic beaches to tranquil nature retreats, and the only thing you need to do is choose one!

When making this decision, you might face a difficult predicament: choosing where to go! After all, there are so many beautiful places to choose from, with such a broad range of options when it comes to things to see and do. So what is our solution? Well, let’s check Google search analytics to find out what the most popular destinations are this year!

An unforgettable vacation

Now, before we delve into the fascinating subject of Google search analytics, we’ve got to make something clear right off the bat: these destinations aren’t going to be for everyone. Being that the entries on this list are chosen due to their popularity, they aren’t exactly going to be unknown. If you’re looking for a more unconventional vacation experience, they probably won’t be for you.

Of course, these destinations are popular for a reason. They’re all great places to spend a few days, a week or two, or even a month. You might not experience the most comfortable travel accommodation, but a container home or non-traditional rental won’t be as bad as you think. Each destination has plenty of things to see and do, and several of them even feature on our list of the best food cities in the world. If you’re interested in finding which cities made the list, keep reading!

Miami, FL

It’s got towering palm trees and sunny beaches, it’s got parties and mansions. Guessed the place yet? It’s Miami FL! With a wide variety of attractions, excellent weather year round and some of the cleanest bustling streets you’ll find anywhere in the country, Miami is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a great place to vacation.

But don’t take our word for it; Miami FL, also known as the gateway to the Americas, is one of the most frequently searched-for vacation destinations in the United States. With an estimated 23.3 million visitors per year, Miami is also among the hottest tourist destinations in the country. So why is this the case? Why do so many people flock to Miami each year?

Well, just look at the place! This city has immaculate white sand beaches and crystal clear water. The bars and clubs are some of the hottest you’ll find anywhere, and the food here is to die for. With all of these things going for it, it’s easy to see why Miami is one of the hottest tourist destinations around.

As it turns out, Miami isn’t just being visited frequently; people are moving there in record numbers. During the pandemic, the real estate market in Miami actually managed to grow, breaking several records! If you want to make this beautiful city your home, give one of the real estate agents in Miami FL call and see what’s on the market. Before you know it, you might just be calling this city home!

Honolulu, HW

Do you like surfing the waves? What about hiking scenic trails and observing exotic wildlife? Do you enjoy soaking up the sun on exotic beaches? You might think that you’d have to visit three different places to enjoy these activities, but that’s not the case; when you visit Honolulu, you can do all of these in the same day!

That’s right; this charming city on the volcanic island of Oahu is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, and can be visited by U.S. residents freely. You won’t have to worry yourself with passports, visas and all of that. Simply book yourself a domestic flight and a hotel and you’re on your way to the best vacation of your life.

This little pacific island is famous worldwide for its unique native culture, exquisite natural vistas and luxurious five-star resorts. As we touched on before, there are a wide variety of tourist attractions; the beaches are gorgeous, the waves are the perfect size for novice and experienced surfers and there are a wide variety of island tours that can be booked.

We think it’s clear that there is no shortage of things to see and do here; there are so many, in fact, that you might run out of time before you’ve seen them all. If you’ve fallen in love with this beautiful island, then why not consider making it your home? Just get in touch with one of the real estate agents in Honolulu, HI and see what’s on the market!

Nashville, TN

If you’re not really the “sip a cocktail on the beach” type, we’ve got just the place for you: the city of Nashville TN! This beautiful, historic city has seen the rise and fall of countless country music legends, and is the home of some of the biggest recording labels in the world, hence its nickname, Music City USA.

For the music aficionado, this place is a must see. There’s no end to the musical attractions here, from legendary performing venues like the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry to the homes of famous country music stars and charming bars with live music. For the true music lover, this really is quite a treat.

Then there are the other attractions. This city has a lot more to offer than just its sterling music pedigree, from delicious eateries to rockin’ honky tonks and bars, clubs and more. There are also a wide variety of great places to stay, with hotels and resorts to be booked at surprisingly nominal prices. If you’re on a tight budget, this might be the vacation destination for you!

What’s more, the city of Nashville is also home to a thriving real estate market, with some of the best deals on real estate you’ll find anywhere in the country. If you want to make this thriving, artistically unique city your home, you’ll need to get in touch with one of the real estate agents in Nashville TN and have them share some more details about their market with you. If you’re trying to get your music career off the ground, then this might be your opportunity!

New York City, NY

Maybe you aren’t as interested in exploring music history as you are in just getting down and having fun. If this sounds like you, then we think you might enjoy New York City, NY. Perhaps the most well known city in the world, there’s a raging party scene hidden far below the towering peaks of the city’s skyline.

If there’s one thing New York knows how to do, it’s party. The bar and club scene in this city has survived for decades, through the prohibition and government regulation and crackdowns. All this has served to do to it, however, is make it all the more hip and happening. Thanks to this there’s no other place with party culture quite like it!

But this isn’t just a great place to party; during the day, you can treat yourself to some of the best pizza in the world, a wide variety of other foods, world-famous tourist attractions and some of the greatest music anywhere in the country. New York is also the home of one of the most well developed public transportation systems in the country, so you won’t have to worry about being able to get around.

Once you visit this living, breathing city, there’s a good chance you won’t want to go home. This is a great place to start a new life! If you want to try your luck in the city that never sleeps, you’ll need to have a chat with one of the real estate agents in New York City NY and see what’s available and whether or not it’s within your budget. This is an expensive city, so don’t approach buying a home here expecting a bargain!


If you’re looking for a place to take your next vacation, we hope our list has been of some help. These destinations won’t be for everyone, but judging by how frequently people search for them in relation to vacation, we think there’s a good chance they might be for you, statistically speaking. From all of us here at, we wish you the best vacation you’ve ever had!