Savage, Corey Levi,(pictured below) age 30, of Chesapeake Beach, on 4-23-15 by Deputy D. Smith  and on 4-29-15 by Deputy Manns

Marble, Ammon Dehl,(pictured below) age 26, of Boonesboro, Md, on 4-24-15 by Corporal Corcoran

Moreland, Eleanor Marie,(pictured below) age 53, of Mechanicsville, on 4-25-15 by Deputy Bare

Miles, John Andrew, age 46, of Lexington Park, on 4-25-15 by Deputy J. Smith NP

Miller, Anton Sylvester, JR., age 59, of Mechanicsville, on 4-25-15 by Corporal J. Yingling NP

Prather, Vincent Edward,(pictured below) age 33, of Leonardtown, on 4-28-15 by Deputy S. Cameron

Pilesky, Timothy Shawn,(pictured below) age 31, of California, on 4-28-15 by DFC Schultz

Pyle, Jason Michael, age 30, of Mechanicsville, charged on 4-29-15, original incident took place on 2-14-15 by Deputy Fennessey NP

Mills, Christopher Michael,(pictured below) age 36, of Newburg, on 5-1-15 by DFC Foor

Robinson, Raymond Aontonia,(pictured below) age 26, of Lexington Park, on 5-2-15 by Deputy Schultz

Morris, James Patrick,(pictured below) age 33, of Lexington Park, on 5-2-15 by Deputy Pleisse

Romero, Manaset J. Kerringthon,(pictured below) age 29, of Leonardtown, on 5-1-15 by Deputy J. Wilson

Ryan, John William,(pictured below) age 42, of Lexington Park, on 5-1-15 by Deputy Schultz

Smith, Kimberly Rochelle,(pictured below) age 37, of California, on 5-1-15 by Deputy Steinbach

Wilson, Betsy Duran,(pictured below) age 50, of Great Mills, on 5-4-15 by Deputy J. Smith


Johnson, Herbert Wesley, JR., age 56, of Clements, on 5-4-15 by DFC Flerlage NP

Davis, Joseph Leon, age 35, of Lexington Park, charged on 2-19-15, original incident took place on 11-27-14 by Deputy Logue NP

Nelson, Robert Steven,(pictured below) JR., age 32,  of Mechanicsville, 1-7-15 by Deputy Pontorno

Sampsel, Tonya Renee,(pictured below) age 49, of Warsaw, Mo, on 5-10-15 by Deputy Somerville

Thompson, Shawn Roosevelt,(pictured below) SR., age 34, of Lexington Park, on 2-21-15 by Deputy S. Cameron

Petko, Jonathan Donald,(pictured below) age 32, of Lexington Park, on 5-14-15 by Deputy J. Smith

Op, Samnang, age 45, of Lexington Park, on 5-17-15 by Deputy K. Molitor

Cramer, Edward M., age 30, of North Beach, on 06-02-15 @ 02:12 am by TFC S. Lewis

Smith, Joseph D., age 48, of North Beach, on 06-03-15 @ 05:40 pm by TFC B. Wiesemann

Reid, Tuere R., age 31, of Lusby, on 06-06-15 @ 01:02 am by TFC S. Matthews

Norris,Tracy L., age 40, of St. Leonard, on 06-06-15 @ 09:41 pm by TFC B. Wiesemann

Philip, Michael S., age 53, of Lusby, on 06-07-15 @ 01:31 am by TFC B. Wiesemann

Hawkins, Ki Ya L., age 23, of Charlotte Hall, on 06/07/15 @ 03:16 am by TFC S. Matthews