This article is always dedicated to my readers. I appreciate every one of you – like me or hate me. I’ll take your comments, no names, and post them below to respond.

“For me, it’s one of those “live and let live” topics. I am neutral. However, in my opinion, a 70 year old with plastic surgery still looks like a 70 year, just with plastic surgery.” (Aging Gracefully article)
I concur. Everyone has the choice to do what they want to their own bodies. However, I was dining out in LA one time and this woman’s lips made me so nauseous I had to take my food to go!

“It is a shame you don’t have this kind of love in your life. Had you, you would see how your writing is so piss poor, uncaring, divisive, uninformed, ignorant, and completely lacking in any standards . Again.”
You’re a real piece of work dude. Everyone has an opinion on things so it doesn’t make it okay to name call and make yourself look like a jerk… in my opinion. Run home to your 60 cats and I’m sure they will talk you through life.

“I totally agree with you. I believe that we have lost contact with our fellow human.” (I Un-Friend You article)
Yes, it is sad that we rely on the Internet so heavily. Sometimes it’s a great distraction but sitting down for dinner should be a no phone zone.

“Please stop spreading Islamophobia with articles like this.” (Should Muslims Be Banned… Article)
I’m not Islamophobic. That article was based off of what Donald Trump introduced as something he wanted to implement if he were to become president. I wanted people’s opinions on how they felt about the issues, the quotes, and the perhaps underlying racism that is in fact within the country.

“Imma un-friend YOU!”  (I Un-Friend You article)
Nonsensical but fair. I think everyone should do some spring cleaning on their social media. Trim down the haters, the whiners and the people who just can’t stop taking pictures of food.

Have a great weekend everyone and I look forward to hearing from you!