Upper Marlboro, MD  – The Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff is, once again, advising county residents to beware of scam callers asking for money to close open warrants or resolve other court-related actions. Chief Assistant Sheriff Darrin Palmer said, “Over the last couple of days we’ve gotten over 20 phone calls from county residents reporting scam callers who’ve asked them for payment to close warrants or some other court action.”

“We’re not at all happy that scam callers are trying again in Prince George’s County, but we are very happy that citizens reported those calls to us and none of them had paid money to the scammers,” said Palmer.

Over the last 3-4 years, the Office of the Sheriff has issued several messages to the public through the media, at community meetings, and through its in-house communications vehicles to let citizens know that there are no circumstances under which the Office of the Sheriff requests money from citizens to resolve open court matters. Col. Palmer said the Office of the Sheriff will continue to notify citizens as many times as necessary. Explaining that scammers use the law enforcement angle to scare victims into giving them money. Often, their message is to ask for a transfer of funds via gift cards or wire transactions, Palmer said.

“We advise citizens not to engage with scammers on the phone and under no circumstances should they make any payment to them or give out personal information. The good news here is that informed citizens knew about these calls and the scammers were unsuccessful.”