Tom Prucnal thought it was going be like any other birthday. He was turning 60; that was one thing. He knew his family was up to something, but not this. His May 25 birthday came and went with little fanfare – but then came Memorial Day.


Wife Kathy, daughter Maxi along with four other children and nine grandchildren headed to see the Blue Crabs game being played. Prucnal was none the wiser. He loved baseball, had ever since he was in high school.

When they arrived at the stadium, Prucnal was amazed at the treatment. He and his family were escorted to special seating, the had an all-you-can eat buffet and free sodas. Then it came: The announcement:

“Introducing today’s ceremonial opening pitch personality, Tom Prucnal!”

Prucnal was floored. He beamed as players escorted him to the mound and he tossed the first pitch strike. Then he was even more amazed when the entire crowd sang happy birthday to him while he stood on top of the home team dugout.

“It was wonderful,” said wife Kathy. “They treated us like VIPs.”

After all the opening ceremony hoopla, the game didn’t turn out too bad either. Check out The Bay Net’s pictures of the event and the game.