Calvert County, MD – Whether you are looking to economize this summer or just appreciate the “best bang for the buck,” be sure to put Calvert Library on your list!  Instead of Audible, Amazon or Netflix, the library offers Overdrive, One Click and Hoopla free with your library card. Check Out Your Community will get you free and discounted passes to local museums, pools, parks and other local attractions.  And, oh, the amazing opportunity for inspiration and learning you can find in every nook and cranny of the library! If you haven’t been lately, visit your closest Calvert Library location as soon as possible.

If you have avoided the library because you have a charge on your account, never fear. You can start the summer with a clean slate if you stop by any Calvert Library location June 6-11, 2016 and ask to have your account cleared of fines and lost item charges.  If you happen to have any of those lost items, the library would love them back, so bring them and a funny excuse or just your smiling face and the library promises to get rid of those old charges.  The librarians will welcome you back with a smile and you will be in perfect position to start taking advantage of the incredible resources the library has to offer the community.

Starting on June 6 you can also sign up the whole family for the library’s summer reading program. Did you know Calvert County Public Schools in in partnership with Calvert Library and its branches to promote summer reading and support students and families? Summer schedules offer a flexibility that can really give students an opportunity to rejuvenate a love of learning.  Research has shown how important it is keep kids’ brains active in the summer.  Scientists call it the summer slide or summer slump but whatever you call it, it makes sense…those who keep learning over the summer are much more ready for school when it reconvenes.  Calvert Library knows this and also knows that summer is the time for FUN, so they put together a wide range of activities, performances and opportunities to learn while having fun over the summer.

It turns out that the best way to have fun while learning is to choose what you want to learn. Perhaps your children love Minecraft? Why not pick up some books about how to use Redstone and learn about circuitry in the process? Or perhaps those incredible scenes, vehicles and futuristic inventions in Star Wars have captured your child’s attention?  Why not find opportunities to invent something futuristic or learn how a hyperdrive might actually work or whether there really are worm holes? What if your child figured out the physics of how a speeder bike works…there are actually companies out there trying to create these!  Or maybe the economics of trade as represented in Star Wars could be an interesting theme to explore?  How about creating their own robotic language? If your child says they don’t need to be able to read because they plan to be an NFL star, get them hooked on stories about their football heroes and reminding them that their team’s playbooks won’t be all pictures!

Perhaps you have a teen who would love to delve deeper into Beyoncé’s messages on her new album Lemonade?  Or one who’d like to learn about design and how to make their own tiny house?  Take a look at the library’s new subscription to…perhaps you have a child who wants to learn how to design for video games…take a course on AutoDesk Inventor, Maya, V-Ray 3.0 or 3ds Max. Bring your teen to the library and the librarians will help them find something to learn about that will get them excited! If you already have a studious teen, then you might remind them that the library has online ACT and SAT test preparation as well as help finding school summer reading assignments by their schools.  And when they are ready to reward themselves, they can download the latest Justin Bieber or a vintage Prince album from the library’s Hoopla site or maybe pick out a Blu-ray and chill with their friends. 

Those free passes and discounts to Calvert attractions offered through Check Out Your Community are great for summer field trips.  Find the quick link on the library’s home page,  Thanks to the generous partnerships of area businesses and organizations, you can check out passes to various pools, parks, museums and other facilities.  Some are only available over the summer and others are year-round. Cove Point Park Pool, Edward T. Hall Aquatic Center, Calvert Marine Museum, Chesapeake Beach Waterpark, and Paddle or Pedal are just a few of the organizations participating in this exciting program. Stop by Calvert Library Prince Frederick on Friday, June 17, 12-2pm, for a showcase of our Check Out Your Community partners.

This is just a sampling of what the library has to offer.  Take advantage of Welcome Back! Fine Forgiveness Week June 6-11 and be ready for an inspiring summer. For more information, explore or call Robyn Truslow at 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862.